Why not leave your dog in the car?

Why not leave your dog in the car?

Separating ourselves from our furry when we have to go out to do errands or shopping is something that we do not like and that is why on many occasions we choose to take it with us. However, Not everywhere our pets are welcome and some owners decide to leave their dog in the car while doing their homework. Is this beneficial?

Regardless of the time of year, you should never leave the dog alone in the car, but even less if it is summer, why?

You should not leave your dog in the car

In summer temperatures rise and sometimes become extreme. Being locked in a car is not pleasant for your pet, it can suffer a heat stroke and even get to die.

To give you an idea, try to get inside the car for half an hour under the sun and see how you feel. They have done tests with people who have even paid a hundred dollars for holding ten minutes under the sun locked in a car and none got it! Why do you think your dog can handle it?

The car accumulates a huge amount of heat inside, causing it to become an oven that could even kill your animal.

Even though the people who underwent the experiment suffered a lot, animals like your dog still suffer more. Why? Because they do not sweat.

Anyone in an extreme heat situation will start to sweat like a madman. What do you get with this? Sweat acts as a kind of thermostat that manages to reduce body temperature and bring it to a normal level. This is a defense mechanism that the body itself activates when it is in danger.

Animals, especially dogs, do not have sweat glands in same number to us. The only mechanism that your body can activate to overcome the extreme heat is panting. These in turn will hinder the breathing of the animal and can lead to drowned.

Coupled with this, dogs have a higher body temperature than us, so they will still rise much faster.

What do you do if you see a dog locked in a car?

It is possible that this article has made you aware that you can not leave your dog in the car and that your dog will prefer not to go with you and jump around you when you return to accompany you and risk your health or your life locked up in a vehicle.

But nevertheless, It is likely that many continue to do so and maybe one day you will witness it. In fact, a lot of videos circulate on the Internet, where the police are seen to rescue dogs locked in cars. For this they had to break windows and even force doors. How did they find out? What should you do if you see a person locked in a car?

  • Search the owner. Let's start smoothly without imputing bad motives. Perhaps the owner did not realize that his dog was in the car, or ignorance on the subject led him to leave it in the car. Let's act calmly and if you are in front of a house, let's ring the bell to locate it and warn of danger. If it's a shopping center, let's call it over the speakers.

  • Call the authorities. It may be that you do not locate the owner or that he is even unpleasant. Do not complain and call the police. Leaving a dog in the car is animal abuse and whoever does it must pay justice.
  • Take it out In the remote case that you do not find the owner and the authorities do not respond or it seems they take a long time, you must act. You will have to break the moon and take the animal to save its life. However this could get you in a mess. To avoid this, look for witnesses who claim that the animal was in danger and that you had no other choice. Specify that you did not want to commit a robbery but save the dog's life.

Once you take it out, try to get water cloths, never wet it completely. You should cool it down gradually so it does not suffer a shock. Put a drinking fountain with clean, fresh water so you can drink when you want, do not force it.

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