Why do not dogs love me?

Why do not dogs love me?

You're walking down the street and you stop at a traffic light. Next to you, a person with your pet for a walk. You want to make a monkey and the animal is indifferent or, in the worst case, growls or barks. It does not happen only once, but with every animal that crosses the street. ¿Why dogs do not love me? That is the question that many, like you, ask themselves. In this article we will tell you the reasons.

Why do not dogs love me? Do I have something wrong?

Perhaps someone has told you that it is a question of karma, or even of the aura or the soul. However, it is not proven that this is the case. Dogs can judge us for other issues and decide whether we like them or not. It has nothing to do with our behavior as a person or anything like that.

Those who wonder why dogs do not love me? They can put aside the guilt and pay attention to these main reasons:

1. Something in you disturbs them

It can be the clothes you wear, if you wear glasses, if you have a beard, if you talk too loud, if your jewelry makes noise or if you need a wheelchair or a walking stick. All those things, even wearing a hat, or shoes that are heeled, disturb the animals. The same happens with canines that move away from children due to their size or accelerated movements. If the animal has been socialized with all kinds of people throughout its life, it should have no problem with anyone in particular.

2. You remind someone of your past

Of course dogs have a memory, especially if they have had a terrible time in the past. Maybe you've thought about it, dogs do not love me because I'm a bad person. However, it is due to some of the life or history of the dog. For example, some do not like tall men, others thin women, there are those who feel bad when they see someone with a stick in their hand, etc. Remember that the hairy do not forget the events of several years, and can relate to someone who has mistreated them when they were small.

3. Your body language is threatening

Dogs do not have problems with people "because yes". They try to defend themselves all the time, and to be alert to the dangers that lie in wait for them. If you approach screaming, gesturing or frowning, you will interpret it as having done something wrong or that a punishment awaits you. On the other hand, if your attitude toward the animal is rather open, receptive and very "casual", you will feel more comfortable with yourself.

This also happens with those people who are afraid of pets. The dogs can smell the fear or, rather, see it in the position of the human being (or of any other species).

4. They want to protect their territory

If you have asked yourself, why do not dogs love me? And you have not found an answer that satisfies you, perhaps you should change the question: what do I provoke in animals? The dogs can be very territorial and, in addition, protectors of their loved ones. Therefore, if you approach an animal that is with its owner, probably their reaction is to prevent you from harming the person that the furry is protecting.

There are even cases of dogs that "treat badly" people because of a matter of jealousy. For example, if they feel threatened or that they have to share their master's love with someone else. Have you ever heard dogs that hate their owners' partners or babies when they get home and their owners stop giving them so much attention?

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