What to do if my dog ​​gets lost

What to do if my dog ​​gets lost

If your dog is lost you should try to stay calm and act quickly.

And, although you usually take all the necessary precautions so that this does not happen, your pet can take advantage of a minimum of carelessness on your part and run away with uncertain destination, perhaps after a female in heat or after anything that has caught your attention.

What you should do when a dog is lost

Keep in mind that, when a dog is lost, there is a large battery of actions to deploy.

If your pet has an identification chip – you should have it, since it is mandatory- The first thing you have to do is report your disappearance before the local police.

Also notify the veterinarian. Ask him to, please, control the databases that he shares with other professionals and circulate information about the loss of your dog among his colleagues.

If your furry friend also has a necklace with a plaque that identifies him, it is likely that if someone finds him he will contact you to let you know.

  • Ask for help from family and friends to participate in the different search tasks.
  • A person must always stay at home in case the dog finds only the way back. In addition, you must stand guard next to the phone in case someone calls who has found the animal.
  • Walk again and again the area where you lost and the usual paths used for walks and call it affectionately. If he hears you, it must be clear to him that you are not angry with him.
  • If your pet has a favorite toy that produces some kind of sound, take it with you and make it sound, as a way to attract it.
  • Make sure you do not use the telephone lines that appear on the collar and microchip, so that those who have been able to find your pet can contact you without difficulty.
  • Communicate or approach animal protection associations, veterinarians and any place that you consider that can accommodate a lost or injured dog (keep in mind that, unfortunately, your pet may have suffered an accident).
  • Do not forget to leave your information and the description of your puppy in each place you call or approach.

How to disseminate information about your lost pet

  • Use social networks to communicate the loss of the can and ask your contacts to help you in the task of replicating the information on the web.
  • Include the data also in Internet sites where announcements of lost animals are made and in different local forums.
  • You can also publish ads in zonal newspapers and ask in the radio and television stations of your neighborhood or city to transmit the message.
  • Print posters with your dog's photo and contact information and distribute it in all possible places: shops, veterinarians, squares, walls, posts, etc.
  • It also gives this information to people who circulate in the vicinity in which the animal was lost.
  • If in the different announcements you inform about some type of reward, it is preferable that you do not indicate an amount. It is deplorable but, some people, is dedicated to profit with these issues and, if the figure seems modest will not even warn you.

On the contrary, if you consider that gratification is important, you can try to sell your furry because he will believe that it is an expensive dog.

Do not despair

Never lose hope or give up. There are frequent news of lost dogs that sooner or later find their way back.

Do not stop looking for it or calling it. Wherever you are, you will surely perceive your love and will do everything possible to reconnect with you.


  • Check often the sites where you posted the ads for the loss. Keep in mind, also, that someone may have found it and post an ad without seeing yours.
  • Extend the search perimeter as much as possible and renew the posters and search warnings.

And, when your pet finally returns to the home, do not forget to remove the posters and the various announcements about his disappearance. Thus the energy of good people will focus on the animals that are still lost.

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