What is canine brucellosis?

What is canine brucellosis?

Having a pet is a rewarding experience. The only way to return all that unconditional love and company is, at a minimum, to attend to the health of the animal. Those who buy a pet should be informed of the most common pathologies that could afflict your dog. One of these diseases is canine brucellosis.

It is an infection that the dogs get caused by a bacterium called brucella canis. It causes in the males atrophy of the testes and also epidimitis, an inflammation in the tubes of the testicles where the sperm are found to mature.

Another pathology derived is orchitis,inflammation of the testicles. These infections generate sterility in the dog; in females causes abortions, fetal death or birth of very weak puppies. Lcanine brucellosis affects the reproductive system of both males and females. The dogs that contract it are at high risk of sterility.

The females transmit canine brucellosis through secretions vaginal, fetal liquid, aborted fetuses or the placenta; the males, through the semen. Both can transmit the bacteria also through urine, excrement, saliva, nasal secretions and eye fluid.

The routes of infection are the digestive system, mucous membranes, skin abrasions and during matings. This disease can be contracted by dogs of any race, sex or age.

It is a difficult disease to detect in its first stage, because it can be confused with any other. It can start with fever, like any symptom of multiple diseases.

The existence of canine brucellosis is generally suspected when the female suffers from miscarriages or when the swelling of the testicles is identified in the male.

There are some other symptoms to take into account:

  • Swollen eyes.
  • Back pain, legs and legs.
  • Weakness.
  • Inflammation of the ganglia.
  • Loss on control of movements or confusion.

The abortion of the puppies of a bitch suffering from canine brucellosis occurs, in 75% of cases, between 45 and 55 days of the gestation period.

If the owner of the pet does not know these data, he probably does not notice this disease. As always, it is best to go to the vet.

People who have contact with the secretions of an infected dog can get brucellosis canine Among the situations with risks, is attending a delivery, collecting excrement or any other type of contact.

The first symptoms can be varied. The most common is that a feverish state occurs; Then, other symptoms appear, such as fatigue and constipation.

In the case of men, they may have inflammation of the testicles. In both sexes the joints can be inflamed, as well as lumbar pain or bursitis.The most serious complications can be inflammation of the inner walls of the heart or liver injuries.

 The diagnosis in humans

It is not a common disease and it is not easy to detect,so the data on the daily life of the people are important.

For example, if they have pets or it is a profession related to dogs. For a final diagnosis it is necessary to do laboratory tests.

 Treatment of canine brucellosis

Like all bacterial infections, canine brucellosis is treated with antibiotics. The veterinarian must find the appropriate combination of them.

In most cases it can be difficult to eradicate bacteria completely. As well There is a risk that the infection has left serious sequelae in the reproductive system of the animal

When the decision is made to submit the dog to treatment because of this bacterium, it is necessary to take into account that it must be controlled later, and even carry out new tests.

Sterilization of a dog that has suffered brucellosis is always recommended. This way the possibilities of contagion are avoided; do not forget that there is a risk that the infection has left serious consequences in the reproductive system of the animal.


There are no vaccines against this disease. If any symptoms are observed, the owner of the pet should go to the veterinarian. At In the case of humans with diseases that affect the immune system, it is recommended not to have dogs suffering from brucellosis.

 Breeding dogs must undergo tests to rule out the disease. In the kennels and kennels it is necessary to carry out tests several times during the year. It is recommended to isolate infected animals to avoid infection.

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