What do I give my dog ​​at Christmas?

What do I give my dog ​​at Christmas?

Christmas is coming and we humans hurry to buy the gifts to put under the tree and offer to our loved ones. And your hairy you think to give? I'm sure you consider him a member of the family, so Your dog should not be left out of the festivities.

We tell you some ideas about the gifts you can give your dog at Christmas.

The best alternatives to give your pet

As for people, the options of products for pets multiply in these times and everyone is anxious to sell you something.

Before rushing to make a purchase for your dear four-legged friend, consider that the gift should like and serve him, not you.

Also, if you are short of money or are skilled with your hands, you do not need to turn to a pet store. You can make yourself a beautiful Christmas present for your hairy.

Christmas can be an excellent excuse to give a four-legged friend a nice present.

A new coat for your four-legged friend

A new coat or a raincoat to go for a walk is not a bad idea in these times when winter looms.

Surely, you will be tempted with different clothes and exclusive designs for pets. But remember that fashions for dogs and that of dressing pets are a human invention that little and nothing interests the dogs.

So look for it or design something comfortable and with a suitable fabric that, after all, your hairy does not have to parade down a catwalk.

Options in games and toys for dogs

Games and toys are, without doubt, always a good possibility to entertain your pet. In addition to providing fun moments, you will stimulate your intelligence.

When buying or making them, keep in mind that:

  • The materials must not be toxic
  • They should not break easily or be so small that the animal swallows them

More gift options you can give your dog at Christmas

Another possibility of presents for your dog goes through the accessories. The alternatives are very varied. For example:

  • Feeders and drinking fountains
  • Blankets
  • Beds
  • Belts and necklaces
  • Booths

Once again, in these cases always prioritize the welfare of your dog and not the aesthetic. For example: instead of ceramic bowls that match your breakfast cups, prefer stainless steel bowls.

A delicious meal for your hairy on Christmas Eve

A good option can also be to offer your pet a delicious meal for the Christmas dinner. Starting from the base of not unbalancing your diet, if you like to cook, make a special recipe that you know you like.

As well,You can opt for some canned delicatessen or some specific candy.

All without abuse. Humans usually surpass us with food in these celebrations. So better do not overdo it or allow yourself to exceed your hairy or the rest of your loved ones.

The best gift: adopt a dog

But without any doubt, The best gift you can give a dog this Christmas is to adopt it.

Giving a new home to an abandoned hairy is something that the little animal will thank you for always and will let you know with a lot of affection. So decide and give yourself a hairy one. Surely you will not regret it. And, incidentally, buy him also a Christmas gift and welcome.

Obséquiale with a celebration in peace to your pet

A final advice. Remember how the noise of firecrackers and fireworks can affect some dogs.

Since these elements of pyrotechnics abound in the festivities of Christmas and the end of the year,Contain your hairy and try to suffer as little as possible this situation. Be very careful not to escape, altered by the rumblings.

It is a good way to show you how much you want it, in addition to the gifts you can buy to put under the tree.

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