What are the best bones for dogs?

What are the best bones for dogs?

Bones and dogs have always been closely related. Even jokes and parodies have been made about the relationship and the desire that dogs have with these. But, what are the best bones for dogs? We tell you

In the shops there are artificial bones for dogs to use as toys, and at the same time they believe that it is an authentic bone and they nibble it. These usually have a bone flavor and not plastic, and some even carry components that help your pet's oral hygiene.

These bones are very beneficial for dogs in many ways, but obviously they are not good for them to eat. And why deceive us, they prefer them natural.

The best bones for dogs

Already you will have heard that not all bones for dogs are good, but it may not have been very clear to you what you can give your friend and what not. Well, today we are going to solve your doubts in this topic and we are going to tell you the types of bones suitable for your pet.

Before doing so, we want to remind you that if you decide to give bones to your dog these must be raw, never cooked, and of course its size should be enough to not swallow it. Remember that bones with splinters are forbidden because it could cause you serious problems.

Beef bones

This is one of the dogs preferred because This type of bone has a huge gelatinous cartilage with a great flavor. Also, they have a good amount of meat, so the dog will be entertained to get to it while enjoying a feast.

Bones of beef femur

This bone, in addition to having extensive benefits for cleaning your dog's teeth, has a large amount of marrow that will entertain your pet for a while.

Further, the marrow does not allow the dog to break the bone easily and swallow a piece unintentionally. Keep in mind that the marrow is heavy and could cause diarrhea to your pet.

Lamb bones

This bone is very dear to our friends, because the intense flavor of lamb meat leaves its essence in the bones. Remember that the lamb can have sharp, pointed bones that could harm your pet

Choose always the biggest ones and, of course, remember that always raw. The cooked lamb bones, especially, splinter easily and this would bring problems.

Chicken bones

Surely you've heard that chicken bones are forbidden to dogs. This is not true at all. What yes you have to forget is the idea of ​​eating a roast chicken at home and give the bones to your animal.Cooked chicken bones break down easily and could be stuck in your throat or stomach.

Neck bones

The neck of chicken, duck or any other bird that you consume at home is something that you discard as a rule. Do not do it, Your dog will love you even more if you give it to him.

They have a lot of meat and your pet will have a good time entertaining while sucking and sucking. It is one of your favorites, so why not give it a treat.

There are many bones for dogs that you can give your pet, so do not retract yourself from doing it always, and when you take into consideration our advice to give them raw.

We also advise you not to take your eyes off of your dog while it has a bone in case a problem arises at some point.

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