We introduce you to Luhu, the sad-faced kitten

We introduce you to Luhu, the sad-faced kitten

The most peculiar animals fill social networks to get us a smile or an "ohhhhhhh" that can sometimes make a tear drop. The feline in today's story is one of those, which will make you sigh and even your eyes may get a little wet. It's about Luhu, the sad-faced kitten.

Yes, the facial expression of this kitten makes her look sad, but calm. We assure you that Luhu, the sad-faced kitten, is much loved by her owner and also by those who know her. She was just born that way, with an expression of grief that has made her famous on social networks. We tell you his story.

Luhu, the sad-faced kitten and her family

Source: www.recreoviral.com

Luhu, the sad-faced kitten, lives in Beijing, China, with two other cats and their owner. But Luhu is the only one who has this permanent expression of sadness on his face. Her owner, an in love with Instagram, began to post photos of the feline in this social network. Also, he loves to do it!

The truth is that Luhu, the sad-faced kitten, is a beauty regardless of her expression of sadness. It already has thousands of followers in social networks. It has also awakened the hearts of many of them, who make tender comments.

It is not known if the expression of Luhu, the sad-faced kitten, is perhaps because her eyelids are drooping. It is due to a slight congenital malformation without importance. What we do know is that they make it special. Your owner and those around you love her as she is and when you see her photos, you will too.

Animals and social networks

Either by their physique or by some innate or learned ability, social networks are flooded with animals that make us laugh or that awaken tenderness. Sometimes we have talked to you about some. Let's make a reminder of them and see new ones.

  • Mr. Bagel, the chinchilla. Almost all the animals that we have always talked about have been dogs or cats. But this time we talk about a chinchilla, which for those who do not know, is something similar to a hamster. He loves to pose and always has furniture, clothing or equipment adapted to his size.
  • Jimmy Choo This little dog with the brand name of shoes is the hairy friend of Rafael Mantesso, an artist with a very good eye for photography. Although this is not only the key to his success, since Jimmy poses with extreme naturalness creating some pictures of 10 that go crazy to his more than half a million followers.
  • Sam has eyebrowns. Sam is a completely white cat that has black tail and two black spots on eyes that look like eyebrows. By the way in which they are formed, they make him have an expression of sadness. His photos revolutionize networks and fall in love with his more than 163,000 followers.

Source: www.recreoviral.com

  • Grumpy Cat. Almost a million followers have gone mad seeing the photos of this kitten that due to a malformation in her jaw, seems to be always angry. His fame has reached such a point that he has been on the cover of the Wall Street Journal and the New York Magazine.
  • Yogurt, the pirate. This chihuahua has a very peculiar expression, because it lacks an eye and its language is always outside. These characteristics have led her to have the nickname of pirate. He lives in Thailand and has more than 100,000 followers.
  • Ronaldog. This black mongrel puppy has a fondness for the innate ball in it. According to its owner, one day he started playing with the ball and did that. He plays like a professional footballer and his fused name is a parody of the name of the professional footballer, Ronaldo.
  • Lil Bub. This kitten suffers from dwarfism, something uncommon in cats. In addition, a deformation in her jaw causes her to have her mouth half open, creating an expression on her face that attracts the eyes of everyone.

These are some of the most famous animals in the networks, do you know someone else?

Source of the main images: www.recreoviral.com

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