Veterinarians and hunters arrested for mutilating dogs

Veterinarians and hunters arrested for mutilating dogs

Animal abuse unfortunately is increasingly widespread and although there is no excuse for anyone to commit it, it hurts even more when we see that it comes from professionals who should take care of them. This is the case of a group of veterinarians who have joined another group of hunters and have done something horrible. But nothing is hidden under the sun and they will have to pay for it, because mutilating dogs is something terrible and execrable.

Today we are talking about a case of animal abuse that will move your heart. And is that a group of hunters have dedicated themselves to cut tails and ears of dogs with a razor cut without anesthesia or operating theatersDid they believe bullfighters in a bullfight? We tell you more about this deplorable event.

Mutilate dogs without an operating room, why?

These hunters They took their dogs to the field to cut dry razor, without anesthesia or any other hospital protocol, cut their ears and tail.

As they excused themselves in the trial, this was so that when they were in their hunting work they would not get hooked with the brambles. Even if this were true, this is a small surgical and aesthetic operation that costs around 40 euros per dog. What a shame!

The saddest part of all this is that a group of six veterinarians supported this practice falsifying documents and making believe that the operations were made under healthy and legal conditions.

What harm does this mean for dogs?

Apart from the insufferable pain that the animals had to go through, this creates injuries that will take months to close and if they manage to do so. By not curing them, they will be exposed to infections and diseases that could even cause death.

Operation Ears (ears) for mutilating dogs

This operation of the Seprona, the environmental authority in Andalusia, began a year ago and There are already 32 detainees because of the events, but they will not stop until the figure of 50 hunters is completed which they estimate are involved, apart from the 6 veterinarians who have already been detained.

Last month, in the first week of the hearing, 10 months in jail was ordered for the first accused hunter.

His excuse was as poor as saying that this had been done all his life and nothing had ever happened, that they were just following an ascetic tradition. We are glad that now it is fined and the guilty are condemned for acts like this one!

The Andalusian Council of Veterinary Colleges have participated fully with the Seprona in order to identify the certainty and severity of the relationship of these veterinarians with hunters, which will lose their license to practice as veterinarians for life in case the veracity of the evidence is proven. Bravo for good professionals willing to get involved in doing justice!

The Association of Veterinarians of Andalusia wants to make clear that this action will not go unpunished and that they will turn a deaf ear to the pleas of those involved. If the law proves the illegality of their acts, they will be expelled from the College and will not be able to return to practice.

"This could tarnish everyone's reputation. We have been disrespectful by breaking the law while the 3700 veterinarians of Andalusia struggle to do things legally. It is not fair that people distrust all of us because of 6 ".

This happened in Spain is open, creating more arrests and making trial sessions. We hope that the new changes in the Spanish laws against animal abuse will serve to give these people an exemplary punishment for mutilating dogs, and all those who enjoy mistreating animals, what they deserve.

And as we always tell you, if you see any kind of animal abuse, please do not shut up, report it!

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