Ukrainian Levkoy cat

Ukrainian Levkoy cat

As if there were few pilgrims walking around the world, many of them in a street situation or waiting to be adopted in a shelter, some people insist on creating new feline breeds. Uploaded to the fashion of the so-called hairless cats, at the beginning of this century they created the Ukrainian Levkoy.

It is an animal of strange and imposing appearance, but affectionate, docile and intelligent. In addition, it is ideal for living inside doors, in addition to adapting to small places.

A 21st century cat

Hairless cats, which in reality tend to have a thin layer almost imperceptible to human vision and touch, They have become popular recently. Many of these new races have emerged in Russia or in regions that were part of the Soviet Union.

In the case of the Ukrainian Levkoy, the breeder Elena Birjukova crossed specimens of Don Sphynx -in the photo below these lines- and Scottish Fold. Thus, in 2004 Levkoy Primero was born, a hairless looking pussycat with ears falling forward, thanks to its Scottish genes.

Anyway, and Despite its growing popularity, organizations such as World Cat Federation (WCF) and The International Cat Association (TICA) still do not recognize race. But it has been admitted by Russian and Ukrainian breeding clubs.

An alien-looking pussycat with ears drooping forward. This is the Ukrainian Levkoy, a feline that swells the list of today's trendy hairless cat breeds.

Physical characteristics of the Ukrainian Levkoy

About tastes there is nothing written and all animals must be loved or appreciated.If you look at it well, you will find beauty in this cat that looks almost alien, but at the same time elegant and muscular; This is despite the wrinkles that form in its apparent thick skin, especially in the belly, head and neck.

Beyond its lack of hair and its large ears bent forward, other physical characteristics of this feline are:

  • Medium size.
  • Weight: between four and seven kilograms the males and between 3.5 and five the females.
  • Height: between 20 and 25 centimeters the males and between 18 and 23 the females.
  • Colors: gray, black, white, brown.
  • Cola: thin.
  • Paws: long and muscular.
  • Head: wedge-shaped and flattened. The face is angular and its cheekbones stand out. Some point out that his profile is somewhat dog-like.
  • Whiskers: short and slightly curly.
  • Eyes: almond shaped and light colors.

A pussycat that knows how to adapt

If your home is small, the Ukrainian Levkoy can become your ideal pet. As he is not very restless, without losing his curiosity, he adapts without problems to small spaces, even though he does not have much room to play.

Sweet, sociable and extroverted, he tends to love his owner and is very likely to follow him throughout the house. And is that not only in something of his physical appearance this pussy reminds dogs.

It is a balanced and stable animal, but you must bear in mind that the Ukrainian Levkoy does not like to be alone. Thus, if there are no humans who can spend all day with him, it is convenient to have the company of other pets.

Special care for the Ukrainian Levkoy

With a life expectancy ranging from nine to 15 years, this pussycat requires special care due to its thin coat. To maintain your body temperature, you need a diet rich in calories and protein.Neither would something of shelter come badly as in the next photograph.

Further, you have to protect it from the cold and prevent the sun from causing irritations and burns to your exposed skin. Consult the veterinarian about the best way to take care of them, since, as is obvious, they tend to suffer dermatological diseases.

On the other hand, it's a pussycat He must be bathed at least once a month. This is because your skin releases an oily substance, as a way of protection, but whatit becomes impregnated with dirt.

Consider also that, despite being almost hairless, it is not a hypoallergenic animal. Allergies, in fact, are caused by dead cells that break off from the pussycat epithelium and a substance present in their saliva.

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