Travel with harness safety belt for dogs

Travel with harness safety belt for dogs

When traveling by car with our pet there are a number of conditions that we must meet. The safety harness for dogs is one of them. We talk to you about why this is the safest method and what is the best harness for it.

How to travel with a dog in a car

Article 18 of the General Circulation Regulations says textually as follows:

"The driver of a vehicle is obliged to maintain his own freedom of movement, the necessary field of vision and permanent attention to driving, guaranteeing his own safety, that of the rest of the occupants of the vehicle and that of other users of the vehicle. route.

For these purposes, you must take special care to maintain the proper position and keep it the rest of the passengers, and theProper placement of objects or animals transported so there is no interference between the driver and any of them“.

This means that it is your responsibility that the animal is subject so that it does not interfere with your driving. If you do not comply with this, they can sanction you with a few hundred euros.

Even though you've seen many dogs go loose in the car, this is not legal, So do not do it. There are several ways to comply with this law and allow the animal to be comfortable. For example:

  • Carrier. There are many sizes and shapes. If the animal is small it could go on the ground in the back inside the box, and if it is large, transversely in the trunk.
  • The harness safety belt for dogs. This is the most sold for being economical and the safest for our pet.

Learn why use the harness dog safety harness

Regardless of whether the law forces us to carry our pet while we travel by car, we want to do it to protect your life and watch over it. Therefore, we will strive to always put your harness and to find one according to your needs.

Which is the best? In the market there are thousands of models to choose from. However, you do have to take something into account when buying a safety harness for dogs: It must be approved.

Therefore, do not forget that when you buy a harness they should give you a certificate that ensures that its effectiveness has been tested. This can be the difference between the survival or death of your dog.

This will also give you peace of mind that it has been put to the test and works, which could save the life of your pet in case of accident.

How to use the harness safety harness for dogs

The way of use is simple: It has a hook similar to that of a car's safety belt. The harness will be put on the dog, and it will be hooked as if it were a car belt. The complicated thing is not this, but putting it on the dog.

If so far your dog has been loose in the car, or maybe it is the first time you will travel in this, you will need training. Do not wait to start the trip to prepare it; you must do it before and with the car stopped. How?

Take the dog to the car and, while you speak softly to relax, put on the harness dog safety harness. It is very likely to bother you, I want to bite or take it away, I cry or scream.

Reassure him with your caresses and talk to him so he can see that you are there and that nothing happens. This will calm him down a bit, but do not leave the harness too long; Take it off, take a walk and try again. Do not force it, do it in a gradual and smooth way, and repeat the process as many times as necessary until you no longer resist.

When this happens, Start by going around the car at low speed through the neighborhood. Do not stop talking to him; It is possible that before you know it, you are already asleep. Bravo, he has already learned to wear the harness!

Do not forget that having a dog is a great responsibility, that you are obligated to take care of it and to comply with all the laws that concern you. This way, it also complies with this road safety law for your pet.

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