Tips for diving among coral reefs

Tips for diving among coral reefs

With their shapes and colors, these underwater systems are truly amazing. Therefore, more and more people choose to dive among coral reefs during their trips. In this article we will give you some advice so that the activity is not dangerous for you or for aquatic life.

Tips to dive among coral reefs

The reefs harbor a great diversity, both of fauna and marine flora. Thanks to diving, in recent times the awareness of its importance has increased. But at the same time, This sport can be one of the factors that help its demise.

If you want to dive among coral reefs in your next vacation, it is essential that you meet certain requirements. In this way, the ecosystem will not be in any danger, and neither will you:

1. Do guided dives

Having an ideal guide, not only in diving, but also in marine nature, will prevent you from rubbing or touching the reef. There are specialized diving centers that respect the environment, that will explain to you how to swim without altering anything around you.

Further, we recommend that the dives be guided and with few members: a maximum of six people plus the instructor is enough. The 'populous' dives are dangerous for the reef. Another very important issue is weather conditions, because if the sea is 'chopped' can be dangerous to reduce visibility and hinder buoyancy.

2. Do not touch the reef

While it is a great 'temptation' to approach and manipulate it, keep in mind that reefs are living organisms that take many years to create. If you rely on one, besides being able to hurt yourself, you can break a vital part of the ecosystem … it will take a long time to regenerate! The slightest touch of a person can kill the reef.

3. Nothing above the reef

It is very important that you have absolute control of the entire team – that is, fins, consoles, manometers, tubes – to avoid accidentally hitting the reef. As well you should control the buoyancy and not use the lead unless it is necessary.

Another of the tips for diving among coral reefs is to swim above them and maintain a prudent distance to the whole. If you raise sand with the fins you can damage them or 'drown' them.

4. Respect local laws

Diving among coral reefs is a wonderful and unforgettable experience. You do not have to carry any additional memories! Some divers make the mistake of pulling a small piece of the structure to take home. It is very harmful to the ecosystem.

Nor is it advisable to feed the fish because it destroys their natural habits and, in addition, some may bite if they consider the situation dangerous or do not know how to act.

Where to dive among coral reefs?

If you have decided to dive among coral reefs, and are willing to follow the rules, the next step is to decide where to go to enjoy this wonderful activity. The best sites are:

1. The coral triangle

It is located in Southeast Asia, specifically north of Australia, the Philippines and Indonesia. This set consists of 30,000 islands, impressive fauna and flora. In the Strait of Lembeh, within the area of ​​Bitung, is located the best dive site in the world. You can see the mandarin fish and the blue-ringed octopus, among other animals.

2. Great barrier reef

It is the most famous reef and is located in Australia. It was 'discovered' by Jacques Cousteau and extends for 2,600 kilometers off the coast of Queensland. The great barrier reef was declared a World Heritage Site because it is the largest living animal in the world. Ideal to see the great green turtle and thousands of fish!

3. Cayman Islands

In Bloody Bay we can dive among coral reefs that look like they are taken from a painting. The crystalline waters of the Caribbean Sea allow us to learn a lot about the underwater world. In the Caymans there are dozens of immersion points near the coasts.

If you are preparing your vacation, and want to do a different activity, diving can be an excellent option.

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