Things worth knowing about cats

Things worth knowing about cats

For some, cats are fascinating animals that never cease to amaze us. To make you even more surprised, we tell you some things that are worth knowing about cats.

They can drink sea water

Unlike humans, Cats have kidneys that can filter the seawater salt and use the water content to hydrate your body. Normally, cats, like all animals, prefer fresh water and take part of the liquid in their food.

However, when this is not enough, they will not hesitate to take it from a salty source. Fortunately, your kidneys are proof of everything!

They can not taste sweet things

Scientists believe that a mutation in a key receptor of taste has prevented cats from tasting sugar.Others consider that it is an evolutionary feature that allows them to take an interest in meat exclusively.

Some cats have thumbs

While these are not "true" thumbs (with an operation similar to ours), they are additional fingers that come out on the feet.

The legs of the cats have several curiosities, for example, they sweat through the pads.

Hairs in the ears

Cats have, in addition to normal villi, some wool-like hairs that help them isolate and filter direct sounds.

They can hear the dolphins

It is not proven, but it is believed that cats can hear dolphins. This is because they can hear ultrasound (This is the main hunting system for rodents), being a system similar to that used by dolphins to communicate.

Patterns on the face

The striated pattern in the cat's nose is as unique as a human fingerprint, so a good way to identify them is by looking at this pattern.

Blind point

But cats can not see directly under their noses. That is why sometimes they do not get to see the food that is right in front of them.

Inspire science

Isaac Newton invented the gatera (Port for cats) After his own cat, Spithead, he kept the door open and spoiled his light experiments.

Similarly, Nikola Tesla was inspired to investigate electricity after his cat, Macak, gave him a discharge through his fur.

The cat dreams

Cats have the ability to dream, in fact they start doing it at about a week of age.

further small kittens sleep much more than adults because their bodies release growth hormone only when they are asleep, this is why it is important to let them rest, while adult cats do not release any particular key hormones during sleep.

They sleep a lot

Cats, like most cats, use a lot of energy while they are active, so they need a lot of sleep. In fact, cats sleep so much that, On average, a 9-year-old cat will only have been awake for three years of his life.

Benefits of castration

The average castrated or sterilized cats live 2 to 3 years longer than those who did not undergo this procedure.

Preferences according to gender

Curious as it sounds, the cats seem to have a fixation for licking their right legs, while cats prefer the left.

Most common names

There seems to be also a preference for cat names, as long as The most common name of the males is Tom, the one of the females varies between Molly and Reina (or their peers in other languages).

The Secret in Their Eyes

Cats have a third eyelid called "Haw". It is a kind of retractable membrane and is usually visible only when they are sick.

About the Siamese

Russian scientists discovered in the 1930s that Siamese kittens kept in very warm rooms did not develop the dark spots that characterize the breed.

The wonders of evolution

Cats seem to have evolved their "tone of voice" to communicate with humans.

The natural vocal range of cats would be inaudible to humans, but they are able to communicate feelings such as affection, hunger and fear within the range of human hearing. Some researchers believe that this is a behavior that was learned to help cats relate to humans.

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