They have invented wine for cats

They have invented wine for cats

That phrase that everything is invented does not work with what has to do with pet supplies, because day after day we get more and more surprises in this field. The latest: a wine for cats. And that's not all, you can get it pink or white. You want to know more?

If your cat is nervous and it is hard to be relaxed and even sleep, now there is a natural remedy that will knock him down like a log, we refer to the wine for cats. Although quiet, does not carry alcohol and is not harmful to your cat, because all its composition is 100% created with natural products.

What is wine made for cats?

They say that the kittens are difficult to understand, even for their owners, but those days ended, because now, thanks to the wine for cats, you can have nights with your cat feline and a good glass of wine to get to know you better. Jokes aside, this brew, as is obvious, does not have alcohol.

Source: Apollo Peak Cat Facebook

Its main composition is cat mint (nepeta cataria), to which most cats are sensitive. However, according to experts, only 65% ​​of the pigs are attracted to mint, so to attract the attention of the rest and reinforce that of others, essence of beet has been added, an odor and a very attractive food for cats.

How to serve wine for cats?

The best is Put it in a different container than the cat uses to drink water. It is also better to serve at room temperature. The felines do not usually opt for cold drinks, so a natural temperature will attract them more easily.

Will your cat like it?

We would almost dare to say yes, because the essences that compose it are like a magnet that attracts the animal. Added to this, it plays another advantage: the cat curiosity. Cats are curious animals by nature, so as soon as they see a new container with a new substance that gives off a new smell they will come closer.

They may take more or less, but they will come closer and try. Do not be surprised if the cat at the beginning and after trying to pull back or even leave, is something new for him and needs his time to assimilate. Do not worry, he'll come back.

What effects does wine cause for cats?

Cats get playful and a little unruly when they smell the mint, it seems that the smell is a bit exciting for them, but when they take it, the opposite happens, they calm down. If your cat is one of those who spend the nights walking around the house, and to make matters worse your floor is made of wood, this can be very annoying for you and your whole family.

Well, wine for cats is the solution. Your cat will sleep peacefully after drinking the wine and therefore, you can sleep too.

How it is presented and where to buy it

Source: Apollo Peak Cat Facebook

The wine for cats comes in two colors: pink and white. The difference is that one carries beets and another does not. This in case some pussycat, which could be the case, is allergic to this tuber. However, the two wines will have the same effect regardless of whether you choose one tone or the other.

They are presented in small bottles that is measured in miaunzas (funny, right?) And come with a screw cap, so it is easy to open and also very practical to store.

Look for this wine for cats in stores for pet products and even in large areas that have a section dedicated to animals. If you do not have it in stock you could ask if it is possible to order it. At last you can have quiet nights while your family, you and now also your cat, you sleep like babies!

Source of images: Apollo Peak Cat Facebook

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