The tail language of cats

The tail language of cats

Felines are very expressive animals, not only with their body, but also through sounds. If you pay attention to the language of the tail of the cats you will be able to know how the animal feels and act accordingly. We tell you more in this article.

What does the tail language of cats express?

The tail of cats can be of different sizes and shapes – long as in a Siamese or spongy as in an angora – and used to express their moods and emotions. It is very important to identify what our pet wants to tell us when it moves it in a specific way:

1. vertical tail vertical

When you are walking through the house, the garden or the yard, and have your tail upright but relaxed and pointing to the sky – or to the ceiling – it means that he is safe and happy. You can also leave the tip bent and it is another sign that you are having a great time.

2. Curved tail as a question mark

Half of the tail has formed a curve and, if you pay attention, it looks like a question mark. Know that means? That is inviting you to play with him for a while, to put aside your activities-whatever you are doing-and pay attention. This position indicates a playful attitude… He's looking for fun!

3. High and vibrant tail

The tail language of cats can be difficult to interpret in some cases. For example, if you raise the tail and move it vibrationally it can be two reasons. The first is that he is happy to see us and is in a relaxed attitude.

But the second one is more 'dangerous', since it is also the pose that it adopts before urinating any object or place to mark its territory.

4. Whipping towards the sides

Suppose you are playing with him or making him pampering and, suddenly, you see that he moves the tail towards the sides, with small blows with the tip. That indicates that he does not want to play anymore, that he is getting uncomfortable or that you are touching some 'forbidden part' of his body … which tend to be more than you think!

It is likely that if you continue with your attitude the cat chooses to 'hug' your hand or arm with its front and back legs and bites you, first lightly and then with more force. Therefore, if you see that it makes that movement with the tail, we recommend that you stop the game.

5. Tail against the ground

When the animal is in an alert position, with its tail resting on the ground and beating with the tip every so often, it means that it is irritated, indecisive or even thoughtful. In the case that the movement is rather abrupt is because he is angry and can attack or flee.

6. Low cola

Be very careful if your cat has a rigid tail and low position, since it is a clear sign of aggression. It's found very bad mood and you'd better not bother him about anything in the world.

7. Coiled tail

Perhaps you have ever seen your cat sitting with its tail glued to its body, while sleeping or lying in the sun. It means that he is very happy and relaxed!

8. Tail between the legs

It is a position or submission or of fear. The hidden tail can also mean that there is something that is putting it nervous.

9. Tail that swings

When the tail of the cats moves slightly to the sides or in different positions means they are very focused on an object or something that has caught their attention: from a toy to a bird; also an insect or a brightness that comes in through the window.

Finally, if your cat coils its tail on another animal, for example a dog, it is a way of showing affection, as if it were embracing it. It means they are friends!

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