The story of Eastwood, the dog that was left alone

The story of Eastwood, the dog that was left alone

When we read a story about animal shelters, we see that there are many people who live there and make company with each other. However, sometimes most are adopted. Those that do not, should stay awaiting their opportunity. This is what happened to Eastwood, a dog that was left alone. In this article we tell you his story.

Eastwood, the dog that could not find a family

It seems a little strange to us that a being so beautiful and with a face as expressive as Eastwood had trouble finding a home where they would love and protect him. But that's the way it happened. This dog lived next to another 2,500 furry ones in a refuge. One by one they were adopted and he was the only one who was waiting.

When the Bissell Pet Foundation of Michigan, United States, carried out an adoption program for street dogs, "rained" requests to take a new friend home. Thanks to a big event in the city, all the centers and shelters literally "emptied".

In a few days the families took their pets. But unfortunately, Eastwood had no luck. He was alone, without partners. He was relegated to the last place in the preferences of the adopters. The problem? He had a deformity in his legs that made mobility difficult, and he was also going blind.

Those responsible for the Foundation did not give up and told the story of Eastwood on social networks, where they posted some photographs of him. In the publication they warned potential adopters that the dog did not require special medical assistance at that time. But nevertheless, He had to undergo leg surgery in the future, and that cost about $ 4000.

In return, Eastwood promised a great deal of affection, gratitude and protection. Eastwood got along very well with children, other dogs, cats and adults. Without a doubt, it was a "good match". Those in charge of the shelter could not believe when they got nothing more and nothing less than 80! requests to adopt it. Luckily for him, he already found that family full of love that accepted him despite everything and did not have to continue alone.


Beauty, another case similar to Eastwood

If you think that only Eastwood ran out of roommates in the shelter where he lived, you will have to read the following story. In this case we go to Honolulu. In this place, "Beauty" was the last puppy to be adopted. When that happened, the volunteers and employees dismissed him with applause and tears while he left happy in the arms of his new owner.

Undoubtedly, the staff of the "Hawaiian Humane Society" was very happy for this hairspray who had to suffer first live on the street and then be last on the adoption list. Although soon the shelter will be filled with puppies and will have to locate them in houses according to them, the truth is that having found a loving family for Beauty was a psychic injection for the whole group of the foundation.

The work of these shelters is worthy of admiration and thanks. They are responsible for hundreds of dogs no longer live in the street.

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