The spikes, an unknown danger for your dog

The spikes, an unknown danger for your dog

The spikes are a common "grass" in almost all places, regardless of whether you live in the countryside or in the city. When we take our dog for a walk, frolicking in the field is one of the things he likes the most. And when we say field, we refer to some piece of land that you find in the city.

However, in this it is very possible to find spikes, and these contain a huge danger for your pet. We tell you

The dangers of spikes

The spikes are formed by species of small pinchitos They are easily detached from the plant and fly easily with a little wind.

This allows you to easily reach the hair of animals, including your pet. It is true that it is very difficult to get them out of your hair, but this is not what we have to worry about the most.

There is a much more important danger and for which we must avoid at all costs that our dog approaches the ears. These do not stay in the hair, but move through the skin. They enter into delicate parts such as between the fingers, eyes, ears, snout, causing them to create serious injuries.

If the spikes stick to us, we could get rid of them in a very simple way. We shake and already. However, in the case of our dog, this seems more complicated. The animal goes walking with his head down without thinking much about what is running in his hair.

Added to that, dogs love the countryside and nature. No matter if you live in the city, As soon as they see a piece of land or a line of grass, they will run towards it. Unfortunately, it is easy to find this danger also in parks and places in the cities that our pet loves to go to.

How do I know if my dog ​​has spikes on his body

Just as we are bothered by a splinter or any other small thing that we prick ourselves with, the dog will be very upset if there is a spike embedded in its skin. The symptoms that you could see in your body would be:

  • Eye half closed or swollen. It could be that a spike had pricked his eyes. This will not only cause pain, it could also cause a ulcer on the cornea or even an eye infection.
  • Sneezing for no apparent reason. If you have never done it, and now you begin to have multiple sneezes, or even cut your nose with your feet compulsively, you may suffer the pain of a spike stuck. These movements are positive in these cases, because it could eject the spike. Although it could also not happen and the spike would stay inside and originate pus or worse.
  • If he licks his paws too much. As we have said before, one of the areas in which the spikes are stuck is between the fingers. Therefore, if you lick insistently or even compulsively legs, there is no doubt, you will have one between your fingers bothering.
  • If you move your head from one side to another. This could be because it has a spike inside your ear. It is one of the most common and will not come out by itself. In fact, with the movements your dog could only make things worse by making the spike go even further inside.

If you see any of these signs or any other strange that you see in your dog, go to the vet. He will be able to determine what happens, and in case there are spikes, he can extract them simply and quickly to avoid major problems.

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