The most expensive cat breeds

The most expensive cat breeds

We know that the love of a feline must be conquered and not bought. But nevertheless, the most expensive breeds of cats in the world make choosing your company a real investment.

It is worth remembering that there many adult cats and kittens available for adoption in the animal shelters of our country. These animals are not only able to love, but also will be grateful to their masters for life.

Many volunteers dedicate their time and resources to recover abandoned or street-born animals. That's why, before spending a fortune with a breed pet, why not give a second chance to who needs it?

Why is one race more expensive than the other?

At present, About 250 breeds of cats have been cataloged in all sizes. Some are more expensive, others are cheaper; some hairy, others without even a hair. But all equally beautiful, with an elegance that has fascinated humanity for many centuries.

The price of a race is not always directly connected with its beauty. There are internal and external reasons to the animal that can raise or decrease its market price.

Internal factors

They are biological and innate factors to the animal.

Some breeds of cats have greater difficulty in reproducing and / or generating small girls. The size, fragility and adaptive capacity of each animal claim an important role in this context. Especially when it comes to races that suffered a radical change of habitat.

In these cases, the breeding calls for specific care and favorable environment to reproduce the optimal conditions of development. That partly explains why the most expensive breeds of cats are usually also the most exotic.

External factors

Cultural and historical changes generate specific needs and preferences of each generation. While some races are fashionable thanks to the media, others are revalued by their skills or keen senses.

Care must be taken so that fashion does not encourage unconscious shopping and contribute to the abandonment of pets. An animal must be seen as a life, not as an ornament or toy.

What are the most expensive cat breeds?

The most expensive breeds of cats in the world are available for purchase in Europe.

  1. Norwegian forest cat

It is said that the ancestors of this race were already created by the Vikings more than 2000 years ago. Its voluptuous fur is due to its adaptation to climates of extreme cold.

  1. American Curl

It is a very young breed, which was created in California during the 80s. His ears roll back, resembling little chords.

  1. Bengal cat

This breed is practically a miniature of the Bengal tiger. It was created from the crossing of a house cat with an Asian leopard cat. They have remarkable and elegant poise, weighing 8 kg in their adult phase.

Does it look like a perfect cat? Well, it costs like one …

  1. Safari

This curious breed was initially created in the laboratory to study leukemia. It was the result of crossing a domestic cat with a wild Geoffroy cat.

It is a breed of impressive size and strong predatory character, which is usually very independent. It can reach 11 kg and its appearance is very similar to that of its ancestral savage.

  1. Khao Manee

It is a secular race, which was already created by the royal families of ancient Siam. The Khao Manee were considered symbols of luck and longevity, being worshiped by that civilization.

Mythology or historical fact, the truth is that the kittens of this breed are worth a small fortune.

Its most peculiar feature is to have an eye of each color, usually one green (or honey) and another blue. Which are highlighted by their completely white fur.

  1. Caracal

This breed is in danger of extinction and is difficult to breed in captivity due to its predatory nature.

  1. Chausie

A breed that is born from the peculiar crossing of a domestic cat with a swamp lynx. The Chausie is so sociable that he can die for not enduring loneliness. It is the perfect race to live with children, dogs and other cats.

But your nice company is also very much quoted in the market.

It is worth remembering an important issue. The maintenance, health and feeding costs of the most expensive cat breeds remain high throughout their lives. Therefore, it is essential to plan the monthly budget before choosing them as a pet.

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