The Jack Russell Terrier: a very intelligent dog

The Jack Russell Terrier: a very intelligent dog

The Jack Russell Terrier is considered one of the smartest dogs. It stands out for its vivacity and its ability to develop numerous skills. He is an enthusiastic dog, active, agile and resistant, which makes him an excellent dog for work. However, although he is an exceptional hunter, he is currently preferred as a faithful companion animal.


The breed originated in the United Kingdom in the early nineteenth century, when the Reverend John Russell developed a variant of the Fox Terriers with the aim of working with their hunting dogs. In this way the Jack Russell Terrier emerges, a dog of short stature and one of the most energetic and hyperactive that exist today. It is the ideal dog for an active owner since he needs to exercise regularly.

While England is the country of origin of the race, Australia has contributed greatly to the development of the Russell Terrier. In fact, thanks to this oceanic country, the breed has become internationally recognized. The first dogs arrived in Australia as a gift and since then they have been reproduced until reaching the current standards.

Living with a Jack Russell Terrier

If you have chosen a Jack Russell Terrier as a pet, you must never forget that it is a dog raised to chase foxes and get them out of their burrows. That is whythe dogs of this breed are very dynamic.

Your choice is especially recommended to people who exercise frequently. Some of the characteristics that you will have to take into account if you want to have a Jack Russell Terrier are:

  • It is an animal that enjoys the outdoors. You should take it out to run daily. Ideally, you should have a house with a garden, patio or terrace where your Jack Russell Terrier can release all its energy, or take it to an extensive green area where it can run.
  • It possesses territorial impulses and very strong hunters They emerge very quickly, so they can be aggressive with other animals. Do not leave it alone with other pets to avoid aggression or allow it to have contact with birds or rodents, as it could remove their instincts as a hunter.
  • You should educate him very hard if you do not want him to become the master of your house. You have to make it clear from the start that the clan leader is you.

The Jack Russell Terrier is considered an excellent therapy dog. It is also a great playmate for children, although you should keep in mind that you may get to bite them if you feel mistreated. Therefore, it is not the ideal pet if you have very small children, since it presents a wild side a little unpredictable.

Physical characteristics

The Jack Russell Terrier is a longer than tall dog with a flexible body. His musculature is very developed and has a straight back, a strong back and a chest deeper than wide. Their legs are sturdy and athletic, so It's not hard for them to jump and run at great speed from one site to another.

Its main physical characteristics are:

  • Height between 27 and 35 centimeters at the withers.
  • Weight of 1 kg for every 5 centimeters of height.
  • Color totally white with leonadas spots, black in the head or in the root of the tail.
  • Rough and dense fur.
  • Head of flat skull and medium width.

The head of this breed of dogs gradually narrows towards the eyes and the truffle is of a completely black color. His eyes are almond shaped, dark and well sunken in the orbits. They are full of a vivacious and awake expression. It is clear that these are intelligent dogs.

The small ears of the Jack Russell have a "v" shape and a forward fall, which gives it a cunning appearance. Its neck is long and progressively widens to hold its robust trunk.

Character and education

Remember thatIf you can not give it proper attention, it will surely develop destructive behaviors. It will dig in your garden looking for non-existent burrows, will bark excessively and will break different objects of the house. These dogs get out of control if their owners do not take care of them correctly.

You will have to educate him from the first day and be very constant so that he internalizes the good habits.

Because, you must ensure not only your company, but the physical and mental exercise you need. So you can fully enjoy a pet that will give you all his affection and will surprise you every day with his intelligence. Of course, dog trainers can guide you with precise guidelines on the education of this breed.

While it requires dedication, it is very rewarding to see the skills of a Jack Russell in action; You will be with total security a very proud owner of your pet.

Health and development

They are healthy dogs and do not suffer from major disorders of genetic origin. However, they can suffer from patellar dislocations, as well as complications in the lens or cataracts. Also, if you take good care of it, you will be able to live between twelve and fourteen years without any problem.

To do this, you must provide quality food, a balanced diet, keep it clean and free of parasites and take it periodically to the veterinarian to prevent other possible problems.

In this way, if you are a sports person and want to spend time with your pet, the Jack Russell Terrier will be your ideal companion. Further, you can register it in Agility tests and take a trophy home safely. Soon you will see how a good education will greatly help you to develop your abilities.

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