The Carlino or Pug, a very popular mascot

The Carlino or Pug, a very popular mascot

The Carlino is also known as Pug or Pug and it is about one of the oldest breeds raised and originated somewhere in the Asian continent. Although the exact date of its origin is not known, it is believed that they appeared in the Chang dynasty between 1751 and 1111 a. C.

A little more about the history of the Pug or Pug

This race was much loved in Imperial China and such is the case, that it came to be considered as a great gift for the weddings of emperors and princes. It is a dog reduced in size, but harmonious, that was raised in the holy cities of the Eunuchs, in spacious places with people who were dedicated entirely to the care of them.

What is your past?

Emperor Napoleon had no predilection for the Carlino, but apparently his wife Josefina de Beauharnais did. On the other hand, the King of England and Ireland William III has introduced the Pug in his English reign and Marie Antoinette, queen of France, showed great affection for this race, so his Pug came to accompany her to the guillotine.

Note that during the Second World War, these dogs had been left aside, so the Dukes of Windsor were responsible for recovering the boom of it. Even though it is not known how he arrived in Europe, if it is known that at the end of the 15th century, they were already there together with Queen Isabel in Spain. Some argue that the Carlino was brought from Portugal or the Netherlands.

Main characteristics

The Pug is a dog of small but compact size, harmonious in its proportions and of strong understanding. It is characterized by having a flat snout, the head large and round, with a face full of wrinkles. His character is sweet and his eyes are black and large.

It has a thick and strong neck, with a broad chest and a corkscrew tail. Their extremities are parallel, straight and have a moderate length.

Of calm and faithful character

Despite having an imperial character and looking a bit angry, This pet is loving and ideal for children, since it is active but at the same time warm and reassuring. He loves physical contact with human beings and is sociable, communicative and very expressive.


They may have a coat of color brindle, silver, sand or white with the snout and black ears, mark on the thumbs and moles on the cheeks. His hair is characterized by being short, soft and shiny. The weight of the Carlino oscillates between 6 and 10 kilos.


The cornea of ​​the eyes of the Pug are delicate and their nose is flat and reduced in size, so they often suffocate frequently and that is why they have to be in a ventilated place. Also, your play and education sessions do not have to be very intense and, they are prone to have problems of overweight and allergy in the skin. However, their life expectancy exceeds 12 years.

On the other hand, it is essential that you have your proper ration of food and that at least once a week the folds are cleaned with gauze, to remove the accumulation of moisture and odors. Your bath does not have to be frequent to avoid damaging the pH of your skin.

Get involved in cleaning the wrinkles of the Carlino, it's just a little effort and time, nothing else. For this you do not have to invest money in any specific product, nor spend in veterinarians so you can do it, since you can simply do it with a wetted gauze.

As a suggestion, use your fingers to dig a little deeper between the folds of Carlino's skin, because otherwise it would get a little complicated. Pay close attention to cleaning if you see any crust of food debris, because if so, you should use a pair of wet wipes, which besides being soft, are disposable. However, make sure they are hypoallergenic.

Pug in Goya's painting

In the year 1786, the artist Francisco de Gota decided to portray the Marquesa de Pontejos with his pet, a Pug.

Do you have a Carlino in your house? How is your behavior?

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