The Breton spaniel: an extremely affectionate versatile dog

The Breton spaniel: an extremely affectionate versatile dog

The Breton spaniel is one of the most widespread breed dog breeds. His sweet and affectionate character makes him an ideal companion, and they are smart, active and do not waste the opportunity to receive a caress. If you want to share your life with this magnificent dog, we tell you everything about this breed:


The name of the breed gives us the keys to the origin of the Breton spaniel. 'Spaniel' refers to a type of breed that emerged with Spanish hunters, and 'Breton' to which this particular variety was developed in the French Breraña.

It should be noted that the cocker spaniel or the clumber spaniel share origin with the Bretons, although then each one specialized and finished developing separately.

Source: Craig Pemberton

The Breton spaniel is a sample dog, specifically, the most widespread race in France for this function. It is believed that It is one of the oldest spaniel breeds, because at the beginning of the 20th century the standard was already defined, and at that time the crossings were programmed to enhance their hunting characteristics.


It is a medium-sized dog, for which there are no differences in dimensions between male and female, since they measure and weigh the same: between 47 and 50 centimeters up to the cross, and between 15 and 18 kilos. It is therefore, the smallest sample dog breed.

Of aspect, it is a compact dog and of harmonious proportions. And is that it is sturdy, but it does not look heavy; It is active, light and agile. Likewise, He has a smart look and seems to be on alert. As for his step and career, he is considered agile and determined; it combines it with its long and stylized legs.

The head is similar to that of a braco, so the skull is slightly longer than the nose. As for the body, has a square proportion, because it does not have long or short legs, nor is its body elongated. On the other hand, The truffle is wide and its color depends on the color of the dog's hair.

If you look at the ears, they are triangular, wide and rather short. He carries them over his head and keeps moving them while the dog is working.

Some spaniels are born with the short tail, although those that have it long must be of low insertion. It is illegal in many countries to amputate the tail of dogs that are born with it long: formerly they were cut about three centimeters from the base.

With respect to its fur, it is characterized by being very thin and can be smooth or slightly wavy. It is satin and short by the head and the back, but they have an abundant fringe on the inside of the tail, legs and belly.

In addition, the Breton spaniel they have many varieties of color. The most frequent are white and orange, white and black, white and brown; these combinations can appear in large spots, mottled or fringed.

It is possible that three mixed colors or even the fire variety appear. That is, in colors they are very similar to the English setter and other hunting dogs.

Breton spaniel character

The Breton spaniel is an extremely versatile dog. It is very good sample, since in fact it is one of the breeds most used in hunting. However, when the hunters realized the great character that accompanies each of the dogs, began to become a pet dog.

Dogs of this breed are characterized by their intelligence. It is very easy to train because it is a dog attentive and willing to attend, but it should be stressed that learning is accelerated if the use of punishment is abandoned and is based on a positive reinforcement method only. It is a dog that can play almost any job that is proposed.

The Breton spaniel is a race full of energy and, as such, it needs long walks and, above all, like any hunting race, to use smell. You will enjoy intelligence or nose games more than any other kind of game.

Source: Ron Armstrong

They are tremendously docile and sweet dogs, affectionate and attached to humans; so that they will not lose the opportunity to receive some caress or attention. For this reason, it is a great race to share family with children or the elderly, since they are also careful and not effusive.

Although, it should be noted that we must take into account that they are extroverted dogs that enjoy the attention of any human, so they are not the best land guard dogs and will make friends with anyone crossing the street. Thus, he keeps a special bond with his family, but he does not fear strangers.


The Breton spaniel is a fairly healthy breed that does not suffer from hereditary diseases. But nevertheless, it is necessary to make the general health checks that the veterinarian advises, as well as worrying about having the vaccination and deworming calendar updated.

Like any race that usually walks through the mountains, we must monitor with special attention the health of your pads and ears. Then, special care should be taken with ticks or other parasites that could attack the dog, and splinters or plants that could get stuck and cause infections.

As Breton spaniel hair is especially thin and light,You should brush with good brushes and almost daily to remove all the fallen hair and prevent skin problems.

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Source of images: Pharaoh Hound, Craig Pemberton and Ron Armstrong.

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