The best breeds of dogs to practice running

The best breeds of dogs to practice running

If you are a fan of running and outdoor exercise, surely you have a pet that accompanies you on each of your walks. But have you ever wondered What are the best dog breeds to accompany you to practice that sport?

For example, if you like to practice running on trails, it is best to do it with a Golden Retriever, Poodle, Border Collie, Spanish Breton or Labrador Retriever. These breeds like to run on these types of surfaces with their owners or with small groups, as they are very sociable dogs.

In case you like to practice long distance races, more than 15 kilometers, races like Jack Russel Terrier, German Braco, Doberman or Vizla respond very well.

To take into account …

If you are going to run with your dog, weather is also a factor to consider. Many animals can suffer heat strokes or not have good performance in cold climates. If you live in cities that regularly have high temperatures, it is best to go for a run with a dog that has short hair, this makes them more resistant to high temperatures.

In that sense, races like Rhodesian Ridgeback, Fox Terrier, Airedale Terrier or Vizsla, They can run without problems. On the other hand, if you live in cities with cold temperatures, try races like Alaskan malamute, German Shepherd, Siberian Husky or Great Swiss Boyero.

In case you like to run on trails that may present some obstacle, it is recommended that for these adventures you are accompanied by a Belgian Shepherd, Weimaraner, German Shorthair, Vizsla or Border Collie.

If you plan to go out with your dog to run, do not forget that your little friend should be the right age to practice that activity. In dogs of medium or large size it is advisable to practice sports once they have completed 1 year of life, in case they are small breed dogs it is recommended that they start after 8 months.

The dogs of grazing or of hunting, are the best allies to practice running. Also those races that are somewhat restless and that have a lot of energy.

Some races

German Shorthair: these dogs look like runners, since they have an aerodynamic body and perhaps even the same percentage of body fat as an elite marathon runner. If you are looking for a consistent execution partner that makes you sweat, this is the indicated race. They are indifferent to the heat and resist several kilometers of running.

German Shepherd: bred to be a sheepherder, they are great athletes. They have strong legs, good muscle structure, can maintain a fast pace and have a great resistance to start. They are great companions to travel long stretches.

Siberian Husky: Every year hundreds of Huskies travel great distances in a sled race through the roughest terrain of Alaska. Therefore, this breed of dog can surely accompany you on one of your walks without major inconveniences.

Obviously, This breed of dogs is handled much better in cold climates. However, they can also acclimate to temperate places.

Australian Shepherd: they are very agile dogs and can run without major efforts. Surely they will demand from two to three hours of exercise per day and they will take you out running even if they observe that you are already dragging your heels.

The other great advantage of these dogs is that they have very good character, are super dedicated to their owners and are among the easiest breeds to train. In addition, they are very intelligent.

Golden Retriever: is one of the most obedient races. He loves to please and is willing to follow you and pursue everything he finds within his reach. Their powerful legs allow them to maintain the pace and have great resistance during long runs.

Rhodesian Ridgeback: this breed of dogs is native to South Africa. There they were raised to hunt lions chasing and cornered the beasts until the hunters could shoot them. His stride is efficient and long. They are very elegant shorthair dogs. Their coat allows them to handle heat better than most breeds.

Doberman: they are very athletic and obedient dogs. They can withstand high temperatures, thanks to the short hair of their fur, and reach distances of up to 15 kilometers.

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