The agility of the cat

The agility of the cat

They say that cats always fall on their feet. The truth is that few times we have seen a cat fall otherwise, to say nothing. In addition to this ability, This animal has proven to be one of the most agile in the world. What is able to do and what is the cat's agility? We tell you!

Why the agility of the cat

Cats are capable of climbing, running, jumping and hiding in the most inhospitable and amazing ways. To what is due? As well, cats are born with great flexibility, as well as a physical and muscular structure that gives them these 'gifts'. Your bone structure plays a very important role in this.

Would you like to know why cats have the ability to move and bend like they do? Then we tell you how your bone structure is formed.

The skeleton and the feline muscles

Beginning with the vertebrae, in the cat the discs arranged between them are thicker, so the connections between disk and disk are less rigid than in our case and in that of many other animals. Therefore, this lack of rigidity allows the animal to move with greater flexibility.

Cats have the habit of walking on tiptoe. This has allowed with the passage of time the bones of his foot and legs will lengthen, hence he can take longer steps. On the other hand, supporting only the tips of the foot, the impulse to jump is greater and the push at the time of running or sneaking too.

As an addition, the feline muscles function like springs, and have a much greater flexibility than other animals. It resembles them with a string of bungee jumping, able to stretch and contract, which allows the cat to jump lengths of several times its height.

For example, when a cat wants to jump, the muscles of the hind limbs, which are formed by various fibers, contract in an incredible way. When they relax, they make a catapult giving a huge boost to the animal.

How far does the cat's agility go?

Cats are able to perform many unprecedented gestures due to their agility. These are some:

  • Climb. Cats are one of the few pets that have the facility to climb a wall, a tree or anything that is put in front of them. It is not uncommon to find them on top of a curtain rod, for example.
  • Jump and run. Due to its muscles that act like springs, the cat reaches enormous speeds. Walking on tiptoe, as we discussed earlier, allows you to take a tremendous boost when jumping. Reach even five times more than your height with a jump.
  • Stretching. If we have ever seen a cat stretch, we have noticed that it is able to lengthen your body a lot. This shows the wide flexibility that it has due to its 'spring-muscles' and the shapes of its bones.
  • Falling on your feet This is the best known of cats, after their curiosity. It is known that the balance regulator is located in the inner part of the ear. Well, that is a part that cats have very developed, and is what allows them to stay in balance even while they are in the air. This is part of the spine, which is able to equalize with your neck making a parachute effect that slows the speed to reach the ground. Amazing!

What do you think about satisfying your curiosity about the cat's agility? An animal that they say is mysterious, something that we will have to come to believe since it is always surprising us.

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