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The 10 smallest dogs in the world

Each time there is mores families that decide to adopt a small dog as a pet, because nowadays they live more in small flats or apartments, than in more spacious houses. Although they are very small dogs in size, they have the same needs as the big ones, they are also very active and playful, so you have to dedicate time to exercise daily.

Below we want to present a list of the 10 smallest dog breeds in the world.

The chihuahua, one of the smallest dogs

We started our list of the smallest dogs, with the chihuahua, although his real name is chihuahueño This breed is native to the Mexican state of Chihuahua and is considered the smallest race in the world, They usually weigh about 2 kg. They are known for their particular appearance. For how small they are, they have the ears very large and pointed. They usually have short hair and may have different colors, as well as large eyes. As for your temperament, They are very sociable, They like to play and are very active. As a note of interest we will say that the smallest chihuahua does not exceed 19 centimeters.

The frisé bichon

It is another of the smaller breeds and is originally from France and Belgium. It usually measures around 20 cm and its weight ranges between 2 and 4 kilos. It has a "funny" bastate look, since its face is rounded and its Fur has an "afro" style. They are completely white hair, looking like a snowball. They are very intelligent and love to play with children.

The Maltese Bichon

This breed is similar to the French bichon, but they are originating in Italy and throughout the Mediterranean. They usually weigh 3 to 4 kilos and do not measure more than 25 cm. They are also from completely white hair or very clear ivory, which due to its appearance, looks like silk. They are very intelligent and obedient, and they can be taught easily.

The yorkshire terrier

This small dog usually weighs between 1.5 and 3 kilos approximately. They are usually of long hair that hangs on both sides of the body, with a dividing line that goes from the nose to the tail. The color that can present a bluish steel color and an intense fawn color. They are very playful and have great vitality. They are not recommended as companions for younger children, since They like to nibble everything.

The shih tzu

This breed of dog is originally from Tibet and its namee means "lion dog". They have a weight that ranges from 5 to 8 kg. They have long ears and long hair, it is very common to see them with a little hair that holds the hair of the face. As for their character, they are very affectionate, intelligent and strong-willed. You have to pay special care to your hair and your diet, since it has a tendency to get fat.

The poodle

The poodle or poodle is another of the smaller dogs. His characteristic haircut is perhaps his hallmark. There are 4 varieties, that's why their weight will depend a lot on what variety it is. They can be white, black, gray, brown or apricot and his hair is very curly. They are very friendly and loyal. Being very playful is ideal for families with children and for people who live alone.

The Pekingese

The Pekinese is an ancient breed of dog originally from China, which was used to drive away evil spirits. Its weight does not exceed 6 kg and the most characteristic is his flat snout. Although they are brave dogs, they bark at anything, but they are very affectionate with the owners. That is why many families have adopted the Pekingese as a pet.

Australian silky terrier

This dog breed is very similar to the yorkshire terrier and they usually weigh 3 to 5 kg. They have a very friendly character, but they do not like strangers. It was used as a buzzard dog because of its size, but nowadays it has become small pets. They adapt to all circumstances and do not get angry at the changes.

The pomeranian

It is the smallest Nordic race and its main characteristic is that It resembles a fox. The ears are small and raised, with fur to two layers and its tail is curved towards the back. They are very intelligent dogs, so they are trained to dog shows. They tend to be very active, but at the same time home and family.

The papillon

Your name in French means "butterfly", due to the shape of their ears, since they are pointed and oblique. His hair protrudes in the form of fringes, on the chest and on the face. They are very loyal and active dogs, as well as docile to train. Also have bulging eyes like the Chihuahuas and their weight is around 5 kg.

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