Tasi: the Afghan dog

Tasi: the Afghan dog

The tasi, also known as an Afghan dog, is a large dog that belongs to the family of greyhounds or hounds. Although it shares many characteristics with these races, the tasi stands out for its long and lush coat that can touch the ground.

These are animals that possess a very special temperament, energetic and, at the same time, elegant and affectionate. To learn more about this interesting dog breed, we invite you to continue reading.

The tasi is a large, tall and elegant dog, which highlights a stylized body of fine and harmonious lines. Its most characteristic feature is the exuberant long, smooth and silky mantle that covers its entire body and can reach the ground.

Despite its voluminous coat, the Afghan hound is very agile and retains elegance in each of its movements. His long ears that fall parallel to his face also contribute to shape his beautiful expressions.

The head and facial expressions of the tasi also reveal the refined air that characterizes these dogs. In fact, It is a very expressive and sensitive breed that usually breeds a very special bond with its owners.

In addition to thin and slender, the Afghan hound is a strong dog, with a well-developed musculature and remarkable physical endurance. Its bones are long and prominent, the chest is deep and the legs are straight and firm. Also striking is its curly tail that shows a format similar to a ring.

Different colors and combinations of tonalities are admitted in its mantle. However, the most common specimens are cream or sand with a portion of its body black or brown.

The Afghan hound owns a very special temperament. It is an independent and serene dog who, at the same time, is very affectionate, loyal and attached to his family. It also has a great sense of protection towards its owners, for which they need to be properly socialized and educated from puppies.

In his family the Afghan hound is an affable companion, calm and balanced, that can coexist very well with children. It is an animal with a high sociability.

The presence of strange people can generate these animals distrust, but they do not tend to be aggressive. Their relationship with other pets will depend largely on their socialization, although they usually enjoy the company of other dogs.

Like all greyhounds, the tasi is energetic and requires a high dose of daily physical activity to maintain a healthy weight and a balanced behavior. The ideal is that we play with them freely in a wide and safe space, in addition to giving their daily walks.

The long, silky coat of Afghan dogs requires somewhat demanding maintenance to preserve its beauty and optimal health. Daily brushing is essential to avoid the formation of knots and the accumulation of dirt between your hairs.

If you live inside large houses or flats, We can bathe them once a month or every six weeks. However, life outdoors or outdoors may require more frequent hygiene.

Visits to the hairdresser canine will also be important to maintain an adequate length of your coat. During the summer the tasi can also benefit from a more generous cut to relieve the volume of its coat and not have much heat.

Like all dogs, the Afghan hound needs to receive a complete and balanced nutrition to fully develop your physical, cognitive and emotional abilities. To choose the most suitable diet for your best friend we recommend you to have the help of a veterinarian of your confidence.

In general terms, Tasi dogs are very healthy and resistant, with a life expectancy of 12 to 14 years. With proper preventive medicine and due care, they hardly get sick and can enjoy a very healthy life.

However, they can also develop some common pathologies in large dogs, such as hip dysplasia and elbow malformation. In addition, greyhounds are often sensitive to exposure to irritating or corrosive chemicals, as well as to cortisone or tranquilizer drugs.

For all this, It is worth remembering the importance of respecting the vaccination card and the deworming of our pets. Visits to the veterinarian every six months will also be essential to verify their health status and always offer an optimal quality of life.

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