Summer and your pet, what to keep in mind?

Summer and your pet, what to keep in mind?

Summer is possibly the time of year that we like the most, because the temperature is ideal, the days are longer, we have holidays and we can spend more time with those we want, like our pets and friends. When it comes to summer and your pet, there are several things to keep in mind to provide the required care.

What dangers exist in summer for your pet

Summer is risky for us if we do not take care of ourselves properly, and also for our pets. Therefore, we must bear in mind what dangers they face and how to prevent them.


This is one of the most common inconveniences that affect pets in summer. It's about a shock thermal by which the temperature triggers very abruptly and causes an adverse reaction of the organism.

The body is not able to return to the usual temperature and this could bring more serious problems. A heat stroke could happen if you leave your pet in a car, take it out for a walk in hours where the sun squeezes harder or if you leave it for several hours in a closed patio, a balcony or a terrace.

The symptoms of heat stroke

You will know that your pet is suffering a heat stroke if it has strong gasps, if you have trouble breathing, if your skin, nose and tongue are dry and if you do not want to move from the site.

The best way to alleviate these symptoms while taking your pet to the veterinarian is to give him water to drink, although he may reject it because his stomach is not well, and you pour water on different parts of his body.

The brachycephalic dogs, and the dogs and cats that have the long snout, are the most prone to have a heat stroke and, therefore, you have to be more careful with them.

Summer and your pet, what to keep in mind?

Although we have always heard otherwise, it is not recommended to cut the hair of our pets in summer, as this fulfills a thermal function that protects it from high temperatures.

However, this is not the only step you can take to avoid your pet suffering a heat stroke in summer. These are some more:

  • Do not leave your pet on a balcony. There are many people who, to avoid having their pet play tricks at home while they work, leave them on a balcony in the sun, exposing them not only to a heat stroke, but to emotional damages not visible to the naked eye. On the Internet there are videos of some dogs that have tried to jump from the balcony to escape the torture they have been subjected to.
  • Do not even think about leaving it in the car. Do not even think for 10 minutes to leave your dog, your cat or any other pet you have in the car. The car will act as a greenhouse and could cause the death of your pet. This is not a joke, since the Civil Guard could take sides, break the glass, take your pet, make a complaint and take away the power of your animal. Little joke!
  • Do not walk in hours of extreme heat.
  • Make sure you always have clean, fresh water at hand.
  • Do not let your food be in the sun all day, rather put it when it is your time to eat and remove the remains, clean the feeder and do not remove it until it is necessary again.
  • Do not bathe it more than normal, because it could cause skin damage. On the contrary, it wets sensitive areas such as armpits and other folds of the skin.

If you keep in mind these tips about summer and your pet, you will help her to have good health and summer is more bearable for her.

To give him a bath with the hose in the garden or the terrace will be a great idea, although you already know that you will have to endure the plague of a wet dog.

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