Stories of intelligent Labrador retrievers

Stories of intelligent Labrador retrievers

Today we want to present some interesting stories about one of the most intelligent dog breeds that exist, the labrador retriever or dog Labrador. If you liked these dogs, from now on, they will simply fascinate you.

Some characteristics of the labrador dog

If they say that "the dog is the best friend of man", in the case of the labrador dog, the saying comes to him that neither to the hair. And is that this dog is one of the best pets we can have, since it helps us in a thousand areas of our lives. And it is that the farmer:

  • It has an exceptional smell so that it helps the police find thieves, criminals, drugs or contraband material.
  • You can pick up objects with great softness. A labrador dog is capable, for example, of catching an egg with its mouth, being an ideal animal to help the man in different tasks.
  • It repels water, making it perfect for hunting waterfowl.
  • It is balanced, sociable, friendly and fun-loving. The ideal companion of children, people who are alone, with depression, etc.
  • They are very good guides. They are the dogs used by blind people.
  • They are the best helpers for people in wheelchairs, as they help to pull this, to get dressed, to make calls with special phones, etc.
  • They detect people with cancer or diabetes diseases (although this feature is still to be studied).
  • They are great lifesaver.
  • They help the hunters to find the birds.

Some stories of the labrador dogs

As you may have seen, the wonderful "personality" if we can say it so has the Labrador dog has given place as you can imagine the most beautiful and moving stories starring this charming animal and his dealings with people.

One of the most peculiar cases is, without doubt, the story of Endal.

The story of Endal

Endal was a very very special animal. Allen Parton had suffered an accident in the act of service during the Gulf War. He was in a wheelchair, he was speechless and with a lot of lost memories.

I did not feel like anything until I met Endal. It helped him even to recover the love for his family.

The feat that made Endal is unparalleled. This labrador dog saved the life of its ownerin an unmatched way It happened in Great Britain, in the year 2001, in a car accident.

He had the great intelligence of place Allen, who was unconscious, in a lateral position, security position, he recovered his cell phone that was under the car, he looked for a blanket and he covered it … he barked so that a neighbor of the surrounding houses would listen and come to help the person.

He even went alone to a nearby hotel to ask for help.

That's why the story of Endal traveled the whole world and he became the most doglaureate of the world with awards for their behavior as "Dog of the Millennium", "Gold Medal of PDSA" and the Victoria Cross to animal courage.

And it is that Endal became a whole character. It was filmed together with its owner Allen Parton up to 350 times and it was even made a movie. It was the first dog that rode the London Eye and the first dog that has trained to operate the card of the ATMs.

The book "Endal" published in 2009 became a best seller in the United Kingdom. Unfortunately shortly after, Endal died but, no doubt, he continues to live in our memory.

The story of Tommy

Thanks to this labrador dog named Tommy, his owner Blessing Offor has achieved his dreams, being a professional musician in chaotic New York despite his blindness.

Without Tommy, I would not have been able to move with the freedom and lightness that makes it through the streets or the New York subway, one of the cities par excellence for all those who want to dedicate themselves to music.

An NGO in New York provides these types of dogs to people who, like Blessing, need it.

Image courtesy of Hessyz.

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