Special air fresheners for houses with pets

Special air fresheners for houses with pets

Although we are very strict with cleaning, and we spend several hours a week dusting and mopping the floors, the truth is that when pets, the home never has the aroma we want. The good news is that there are special air fresheners that perfume where you want. We tell you more in this article.

The problem of odors in homes with pets

If you have pets, you will surely know what it is like to have finished cleaning the house and that there are still no pleasant odors due to your dog (even if it is freshly bathed). And is that the animals give off certain aromas, very strong, which are not so easy to 'cover' or remove.

The famous 'dog smell' is greater when it rains and your pet has gotten wet, or after a walk in the park that included many games or contact with friends. Not to mention that we have a patio or garden at home and that our pet sleeps inside at night … Sometimes you have to open the windows to ventilate the environment!

Your personal items – such as blankets, mattresses or toys – may have strong odors and we can not wash them every day. That also generates unpleasant aromas, added to those that the animal already has in its own body.

And, of course, we can not leave aside a rather unpleasant situation that happens especially when our pets are small: to urinate or defecate anywhere. That also generates an unpleasant odor at home and does not allow us to enjoy certain environments because, even if we clean thoroughly, there always seems to be some of that 'fragrance' left on the floor.

Are air fresheners the solution in homes with pets?

As a first step, we must take into account that air fresheners do not clean or disinfect, they only 'plug' the smell in the environment. This may be enough if we are responsible for cleaning the home, but in some cases they do not allow us to perceive the true aromas.

In addition, you must be very careful with the products you use to eliminate pet odors, since the chemicals they contain are often harmful to the health of animals (and people).

The air fresheners come in different presentations: spray, candles, oils or diffusers. Most of them have very toxic ingredients and with harmful effects just smell them …

For example, when casting spray around the house, you do not know where the particles of the product fall: water trough, bed, toys, trough, carpet, floor … Pets lick and smell everything in their path and that's where they get intoxicated. Perhaps the symptoms are imperceptible, but if this is repeated daily can cause dangerous reactions.

It is also necessary to pay attention to the so-called 'natural air fresheners' that are prepared with essential oils. These products, supposedly harmless to our health and that of our pets, can actually cause allergies, poisonings and other problems, especially in cats.

The good news is that special air fresheners for homes with pets have recently been put on sale. These products are chemical free and have ingredients that do not harm animals.

But in case you do not 'trust' this type of substance, you always have the option of preparing your own air fresheners. It is as simple as mixing dried flowers and placing them in a container or putting slices of citrus fruits – lemon, orange or grapefruit – in different places of the house.

It is true that its aroma will not be as strong as in the air fresheners bought, but in return they will not intoxicate your pets. Finally, we recommend that, if you have a dog or a cat at home, open the windows to ventilate daily – or every other day – and let your personal items be aired when they are not being used.

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