Sleeping street dogs in a shopping center

Sleeping street dogs in a shopping center

We have already told you about Istanbul and its love for animals, but particularly for cats. Well, dogs are the protagonists of this story with which the Turks have also shown incredible love. We can not say more than we want everyone in the world to treat animals like them. Can you imagine them sleeping in a mall?

Istanbul and its love for animals


As we tell you in one of our articles, the Turks of this city in particular love cats. In fact, they even made a statue of a cat that was characteristic of the place.

Just a few days ago, these beautiful people went a little further. As you know, to think of Europe in winter is to come to our mind snow, low temperatures and warm clothes. Winter is a tough season in many parts of the continent. But sometimes we forget that there are other beings who also suffer it.

We talk about abandoned animals, street animals. It is estimated that there may be millions of dogs on European streets. And in particular, in Istanbul, there are thousands of them, since the inhabitants take care of them and feed them.

They care enormously for these animals. So much that they have shown it on many occasions, as is the case with the news that we bring you today.

The photo that went around the dogs that sleep in the mall

Lisette López Melgar is responsible for knowing this beautiful news. On his holidays in Turkey he witnessed an incredible act. He saw how hundreds of dogs were sleeping in shopping centers during the night.

What was the cause? The bad weather. As we said earlier, the low temperatures of European countries also affect those who live on the street, whether people or animals. Therefore, the country's shopping centers opened their doors to protect the animals from the cold and that they could not only spend a pleasant night, but even save their lives.

The snowfall that happened last night in the Turkish capital was huge. Everyone tried to protect themselves quickly and as best they could. What could the poor little animals that lived on the street do? Nothing if the humans around did not lend a hand. And they did it!

Soon the workers of the shopping centers attracted puppies from the areas near each shopping center with food and toys. They also prepared temporary beds with some cardboard so that the cold of the floor did not go to their bones.

In addition, they collected blankets that served to cover them and that the animals could sleep warm. Thinking about catching an unknown dog can cause us fear, especially if it is stray. The dogs that live in the street tend to be fearful and distrustful. Sometimes they can even have aggressive gestures and actions.

The grateful puppies of the shopping center

But nevertheless, It seems that these puppies were happy with the act that these people had and can be seen by the tranquility and peace that the photos reflect. Each one was in his bed in an orderly manner and without moving, appreciating having a little warmth and human love.

Without a doubt, what could we say about the human quality of these people? We believe that everything is said with this act. I hope all around the world we will all act in this way. They say that love for people begins with the love of animals. Without a doubt, showing love to animals makes us more sensitive and empathetic. If we all start doing small things as it is and has been the case in Istanbul, it is possible that we could create a better world.

For now, we can only say, bravo Istanbul!

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