Precautions that will save the life of your dog

Precautions that will save the life of your dog

As we always tell you, having a dog is an immense responsibility, since the animal is totally dependent on us. Sometimes, there have been situations in which dogs have suffered accidents that could have been avoided if their owners had taken the necessary preventive measures.

We know that you love your dog and that you would be willing to do anything for him. Therefore, today we are going to talk to you about 8 things you can do that will save your dog's life on exceptional occasions. Also, we will exemplify in each one a case that could happen and how the preventive measure would save your dog's life.

1- Put a micro chip and identification plate

This is one of the first things we should do when we have a puppy. In addition, it is a mandatory regulation in many countries. Why is this one of the precautions that will save your dog's life? Very easy. In case of loss, if the animal is found by someone and takes it to a kennel and it does not have a microchip and does not find an owner at a certain time, it will be sacrificed.

On other occasions, It may happen that when you get lost you do not have anything to eat and if you find it, you will not know how to return it to its owner. This can have as a consequence that the animal remains living in the street and the animal can even die of hunger or in fights with other dogs.

2- Always on a leash when walking

Although the dog is an animal that stands out for its obedience, Remember that we all have slips and sometimes it can happen that your dog disobeys. Wearing it on a strap will keep you from getting upset. Why is this one of the precautions that will save your dog's life? Very simple. There are scary dogs that can be approached by another dog and try to flee by all means.

The fact of not wearing a leash can cause the dog to head towards the road and get run over. Going without a leash can make you go after other dogs and get into a fight, which can cause serious injury or even death to your friend.

3- Watch it whenever you are with him on the street

In addition to the leash, it is important that you do not look away from your animal as if it were a 2-year-old child whom you hold by the hand. Why? Why can eat something in the street in a rotten or even toxic state, or some piece of something that you can choke on. Do not look away!

4- Do not forget your vaccines

This is not a joke, plus it is an obligation. It is vital that you take care of your vaccination schedule and have it up-to-date. Why? Because this is the only way in which the dog can fight with diseases that could appear, for him or for other dogs.

5- Desparasítalo

Parasites, both internal and external, (fleas and ticks) are dangerous, because they transmit serious diseases. The inmates could cause dehydration in the animal and cause death. A good deworming program is the best prevention against this.

6- Use travel safety

Who has not taken his dog to travel in his car? We love having him by our side and seeing that it's okay, but It is necessary that you forget this and put it on the back and with the belt fastened.

Also, accessories are sold for them that will make you relax. Why is this one of the precautions that will save your dog's life? Well, in case of accident, you will be insured and will not move from your place.

If you are not insured, you may want to be with you and cause an accident putting your life in danger, and also yours.

7- Forget the bones

There are many myths about bones, some say yes and others do not, while others say no to chicken and others to others. The truth is all bones splinter and this can cause damage to the animal digging into his throat or his stomach.

If you are looking for all these little details, you will show how much you love your dog and we are sure that he will have a very long life.

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