Portuguese spaniel: a fisherman

Portuguese spaniel: a fisherman

The Portuguese spaniel, as you can guess, is a breed similar to Spanish spaniel. It is one of the races of the Iberian Peninsula and it may be the dog that likes the water most of all.

History of Portuguese Portuguese spaniel

The origins of this race can be traced back to the Middle Ages, although we can not go back further. It is known that for many centuries accompanied the fishermen of the Algarve and carried out different jobs for them, but we do not know what happened before and how it got there.

The Portuguese spaniel worked with the fishermen, accompanying them or helping them to collect things dropped into the water. It was also used to hunt waterfowl and to recover fallen prey in rivers or ponds.

After so many generations relating to water and having such different occupations, it has ended up having unique characteristics: his hair resistant to moisture or his excessive taste for water they are only two examples.

Characteristics of the Portuguese spaniel

The Portuguese spaniel is a medium-sized dog, which weighs between 20 and 25 kilograms. It has a square aspect and harmonious proportions: they measure around 50 centimeters at the withers, so they are neither short with short legs nor excessively tall.

The general appearance of this breed of dog, however, is robust and massive due to its hair. The Spanish spaniel's hair is curly and long, so at first sight it makes the dog seem more bulky than it is. Its mantle only has a layer of hair and can be a single color, black, brown or white, or the combination of two of these colors.

It has the head and the wide nose, although its lips are tight and do not hang. It has ears lowered to the sides of the head, although they are not elongated or exaggeratedly large. They have round eyes, small and expressive. The tail is long and straight, and at rest it falls almost between the legs.

Behavior of the Portuguese spaniel

There are two characteristics that define the character of the Portuguese water dog: his love of water and his intelligence. The two have remained in the race even though they no longer work on the coasts and are a companion dog.

The Portuguese spaniel is a very sociable and friendly dog, with other dogs as well as with humans. It is one of the races that usually get better with children, since they are always willing to participate in games. However, your hair may cause your communication to not be well understood, so an adult should always be monitoring these interactions.

Dogs of this breed have a great fondness for water, and they will be happy bathing in a river or in the sea, but also in the puddles. They can live happily in a city, but they need several quality walks a day to be able to download their energy.

The Portuguese spaniel is tremendously intelligent. In fact, they are often seen in competitions agility and other canine sports. It is easy to teach him new orders thanks to his willingness to work and please, and positive training will make your progress faster and more reliable.

Care of the Portuguese water dog

Most of the Portuguese water dog's care is dedicated to his hair: fortunately, it is not hard hair to treat, but it must be unraveled regularly to avoid skin aches or irritations. It should be washed with a special shampoo Help your curls stay healthy and hydrated.

Regarding your health status, the water dog does not usually suffer from relevant genetic diseases. However, there are common ailments in dogs with their physical characteristics: hip or elbow dysplasia and torsion of the stomach must be taken into account. A veterinarian should make frequent reviews and decide if preventive treatments are needed.

Because of his drooping ears, it is necessary to maximize hygiene in the ears of the Portuguese water dog. Dogs with drooping ears are often prone to infections or fungi, but, in addition, this race interacts a lot with water and is more at risk of suffering from these conditions.

The Portuguese spaniel is an intelligent, friendly and active breed. They usually have good behavior and it is very easy to teach them new things: Take advantage of this potential in games with your dog and you will live happily for many years.

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