Pets practicing sports

Pets practicing sports

The animals are restless, they like to go from one place to another, investigate, sniff, we can not expect them to be quiet all day. They need to run, jump, have activity.

In the same way that people do sports, our pets also enjoy these activities, and this characteristic, together with being in the permanent company of their owners, gives them security and affection. It is the best way to stay longer together, take advantage of daily walks to do sports.

Types of sports for dogs with their owners

There are several activities to develop together, the dog owner and the dog, following some rules that the animal must know how to respect. It is convenient to accustom the animal since childhood, with training, discipline and obedience, preparing its bones and muscles.

Among the many sports for pets, we can point out some as the "Canicross", which consists of running slowly in the form of a trot, the "Doga", focused mainly to remove the anxiety of the animal, to relax, with music, caresses of the master, etc. This allows our dog to be calm, control his breathing and release tension.

Swimming, against the belief that all dogs know how to swim as something innate, requires their training, because some breeds do not know how to do it, they need the protection of special vests in the form of a float.

Another interesting game is the "Agility", which is an obstacle course, yes, with the corresponding rules of not throwing or tearing down any home object. They are races with a round trip, and in other occasions with a route is in zig-zag, so that the animal develops its reflexes.

The obedience exercise is useful to get our friend to learn to respect the rules that we mark, and be attentive to our order of departure, return and rest.

You can get a choreography with the Freestyle exercises: through the music and according to our indications, you will perform visually attractive and coordinated exercises, respecting the established time and speed.

Something that you will really enjoy is with the R.C.I., which consists of looking for some object that previously we will have hidden, and find it with your nose. This activity will involve you a lot. He will also teach us his abilities when we say: make yourself asleep, give me your hand, jump. Thus, we will use to transmit our orders at the same time that he is playing, we achieve both objectives, have fun and teach him to obey.

Exercise at home and diet

At home we can also exercise animals with games, as jumping, climbing on a chair, to a ladder rung, throwing an object to run and take it and many other exercises. This will give you elasticity and help your body development.

We must look at the care of the diet of our pet, it must be adequate to strengthen your bones, teeth, etc. It is convenient that you chew so that your gums are healthy and your teeth do not have cavities. This is achieved with bones, objects to bite, while it serves to relieve tension, especially when they are puppies and their teeth are growing.

Before the sport

Before going out to play sports, we must consider several aspects that will help us to the physical and mental benefit of our pets. It is fundamental to practice to exercise since your pet is a puppy, but only from one year of age, which is when your bones are stronger for big races, not before.

The breed of the dog is essential to know what exercises you can perform; if they are short-legged, they will be fit to walk, but not to run, for example. In the case of long-legged animals, such as greyhounds, the race is ideal. When leaving the house, we will have our pet tied with a strap long enough to allow his movements in a comfortable way and without difficulty.

The protection against the cold is important, the legs of our friend can catch rheumatism, it is necessary to put on warm clothes. In the market there are many specific garments for pets.

Physical effort will produce thirst and hunger, it is convenient to carry water supplies to prevent dehydration, especially, in case it takes time to return home.

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