Pets and allergies ... there are many solutions!

Pets and allergies … there are many solutions!

Pets are very advisable for our health, not only physically, but also emotionally. Unfortunately many people develop allergies, either to the fur of certain types of animals that we use as pets or to their fluids. Next, we will delve into the subject of Pets and allergies, as well as the multiple solutions you have to face this problem.

One of the advantages of growing or living with pets has to do with the development of antibodies and the strengthening of the bacterial flora within the organism, being exposure from an early age a factor that decreases the risks of developing allergy to animals or diseases derived from contact with them. For example, it is a scientific reality that children exposed to endotoxins (which are components of the bacteria that live in dogs and cats) develop greater immunity and reduce levels of sensitivity to them.

Allergies to animals

Allergies caused by animals are due to several reasons, the most common being the proteins present in the animal's coat, saliva or urine. The reactions can vary in intensity, depending on the violence of the allergy, leading to rhinoconjunctivitis, rashes or respiratory problems. At least 15% of the population suffers from some type of allergy related to animals.

The allergy it occurs as an excessive response of the immune system to some external element, which it detects as dangerous. In this way our body ends up producing antibodies as a way of defense to attack foreign agents. There are substances that have qualities that can become allergenic, when consumed they can generate a rejection by the body that activates the defense system.

Ways to prevent allergy symptoms

If you have an animal and you develop some kind of reaction that is not very violent (mild rashes, watery eyes, sneezing) and does not reach the point where allergy hinders your quality of life, actions can be taken that diminish or prevent the appearance of the symptoms.

Prevent the pet from entering your room, especially that you have contact with your pillows, bed or blankets. This way you will avoid the contact of a good amount of allergenic agents and you will see how the symptoms are reduced considerably.

Equally,acquires products that help reduce the allergenic agents present in the fur of animals, so you can apply them once a week, thus avoiding the production of the elements that generate the symptoms of allergies and that are dispersed in the environment.

When Brush your pet, it is best to do away from home, or at least in an open space. This will prevent allergens from dispersing inside your home and you have to live with them all the time.

Keep your pet's place clean It will be essential to prevent the spread of allergenic agents and prevent the onset of allergy symptoms. Also, if your pet urinates inside your house, you should clean it immediately, because this is the main source of allergies.

The particles that trigger allergies, usually accumulate in carpets, curtains, cushions, cracks or surfaces that do not dust off frequently. Thus,a judicious and deep cleaning of your house, will save you many inconveniences and difficulties in the health.

Remember that vacuum cleaners do not solve the problems with allergenic agents, because they do not remove the dust from the lower part of the carpets. Steam cleaning if it presents a solution for this problem, but also facilitates the appearance of fungi, which in turn generate allergenic agents.

The best thing you can do is have a ceramic or wood floor, with a removable carpet that allows you to wash it with some frequency.

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