Muzzles for dogs: what to know

Muzzles for dogs: what to know

According to the race or the place that we are, in some countries the laws oblige owners to use muzzles for dogs. This element does not allow them to open their mouth and bite people or animals. In this article we will tell you what they are for and existing types.

When and why are dog muzzles useful?

In some countries, certain breeds are considered potentially dangerous; for example in Spain and Mexico the pit bull and the rottweiler are in this group and it is necessary that when they go out to the street or are in a public space they wear a muzzle of obligatory form.

Dogs that are not cataloged within this list, but that at some point have been reported by attacks or bites, also have to leave home with this kind of 'basket' in their snouts.

On the other hand, we can choose to put a muzzle to our pet if we know that he gets very nervous when he sees another dog or to avoid problems if it is a large specimen, even if it is the best in the world.

In any case we must bear in mind that dogs do not like to wear something that limits their movements and will be quite reluctant to put it on. The best way to get used to it is to put it on as a puppy, as if it were a game. And always inside the house!

If your dog is already bigger and has never used it, there are different techniques to achieve that goal. The surprise effect is always the most effective, although be careful not to panic because you can try to bite yourself as a natural defense reaction.

What types of muzzles are there for dogs

Before buying a muzzle for our pet we must take into account two very important factors: the size of the accessory and the shape of the snout. Do not worry, since there are different models and options, some of them will suit your dog:

1. Tube muzzle

It can be made in different materials such as leather, nylon or the fabric and It has a cylinder shape with an open circle in front. It must be well adjusted so the dog can not open its mouth. The downside of this muzzle is that the dog can not even pant – the method he uses to regulate the temperature – and neither drink water.

For this reason The tube muzzle is not recommended in summer, when it is too hot, in stressful situations or if the dog will exercise or play. The use is very limited to specific situations and of short duration. In some countries and cities it is prohibited.

2. Basket muzzle

It is the most famous among the muzzles for dogs and although the animal may be a bit uncomfortable with this basket placed on its snout, the truth is that It gives greater mobility of the mouth than the tube. You have the possibility of panting, barking or drinking water, but not of biting people or animals.

This muzzle is made of various materials, although the most common are plastic, leather and metal. They can be used for longer periods: go to the vet or to the hairdresser, take a walk in the park, travel by public transport, in case it is allowed where we live, etc.

3. Anti-pull muzzle

While for some this is not a muzzle for dogs, but a special leash, the truth is that it serves so that the animal does not pull when it is for a walk or do not try to bite a person or pet. It allows you to stick out your tongue, pant, drink water or even eat; but it can also be dangerous if it closes suddenly.

4. Brachycephalic muzzle

Dogs that have a flat snout, such as the French and English bulldog, the boxer, the boston terrier or the carlino, need a special type of muzzle that adapts to their characteristics.

You must bear in mind that these breeds have difficulties to breathe well and that an element of these characteristics can obstruct the flow of air. Therefore, only use it on specific occasions.

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