Music influences dogs, but what about cats?

Music influences dogs, but what about cats?

They say that music feeds the soul because it has enormous benefits for our health. This is also true in the case of dogs, since there are dozens of studies that demonstrate this. The question that arises, especially for those who are cat lovers, is if it is also really useful and beneficial for cats.

The answer is yes. We are going to talk about all its benefits in cats. In addition, we will comment on a music specially created for them.

The ear in cats

All those who have a cat know that loud noises are not to their liking. However, you may have surprised him by lending more than the usual attention to some softer melody. This is because they influence your brain.

The ear of cats is much more developed than that of human beings. It consists of two independent headphones that are capable of capturing the sound. They have 20 auditory muscles able to execute the necessary movements to be able to separate noises that are executed simultaneously.

For all this, cats are able to hear and perceive sounds that we can not.

Experiment demonstrates the effect of music on cats

A renowned professor of animal behavior at the University of Vienna, Hermann Bubna, conducted a study with hundreds of cats. The aim was to demonstrate that a large part of the drugs could be replaced by relaxing music.

During 5 days, Dr. Bubna was recording the behavior that the cats had when listening to different music. When they liked it, the cats were still and calm. But if what sounded was not pleasant for them, they would go somewhere else.

Almost all the cats agreed on the same behaviors. For example, they were calmer and more relaxed when they listened to melodies with quick beats and serious tones of men. So Bubna came to the conclusion that music with the right rhythm could influence the relaxation and calm of cats.

Bubna also concluded something interesting. The effect of music on cats is increased by the transfer of the emotional state of its owner. That is, if this is quiet, it is transmitted to your pussycat and it shows the same attitude.

Remember that the acquired habits are necessary in this aspect. That is, if our cat is accustomed as a child to listen to relaxing music, when he is older and goes through stressful situations, music therapy is sure to have a positive effect on him.

Music for cats

Now, what is the best music for cats? Well, any kind of classic that you observe that makes your cat stay calm is good. However, there are compositions created especially for them. We tell you

In a study conducted in Wisconsin on the therapeutic effect of music on cats, it was discovered that the natural sounds of the kittens were about an octave higher than the sounds made by people.

So they decided to create music based on feline sounds. For example, they included tempos with purrs and with suction rhythms. To test this experiment, they subjected 47 cats to listen to Bach's music. But they did not react at all. Meanwhile, when listening to the sound created by feline sounds, things changed. All the cats were excited and excited to hear it and even approached the speakers to rub their noses.

It is believed that this experiment could relax our pets without the need for medication.

So yes, music also has a beneficial influence on cats. Of course, you should know how to choose the right one.

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