Meet the turtle that has prosthetic wheels

Meet the turtle that has prosthetic wheels

Although the stories of overcoming always have a sad story behind, we like to share them with you. They teach us valuable lessons that help us face the hard blows of life, as happened with this turtle.

This time we will talk about a turtle with a spirit of improvement. He had a bad drink, but had a happy ending, within what circumstances allowed.

The attacked turtle

It is not very common for episodes of this type to happen. But this turtle, of which we do not know the name, the rats ate her front legs leaving her helpless. Her owner spent more than 1200 euros at the veterinarian to try to alleviate their situation, but unfortunately it did not help much.

The legs are essential in the turtle. Unlike other animals, you can not do anything if you lose two of them. However, the son of Jude Ryder, the owner of this animal, came up with a great idea.

He thought that it would not be so difficult to make a kind of prosthetic wheel so that the animal could walk. That is why he got down to work and it was not complicated at all. In a short time this turtle was able to enjoy a prosthesis that allows him to lead a fairly normal life.

It is about two wheels that are inserted and fastened around its shell. These make their owner now go much faster than before. Can we no longer say that slower than a turtle?

We are glad that this turtle can have a normal life. All thanks to a great invention by Jude's son. But also the spirit of overcoming the baby turtle and the love of its owner, who never gave up and was willing to do everything to help her, even to spend a lot of money. Bravo for that!


Other animals with prosthesis

This turtle is not the only one that has been able to achieve thanks to the love of its owners a prosthesis. Unfortunately, there have been many animals that have needed one and that their owners have done the impossible to provide it.

  • Doll. Doll is a dog that lost three legs while one of the workers of a park in Venezuela was mowing the lawn. According to him, the machine was gone and he could not prevent it from cutting the three legs of the dog. This poor animal was immobilized, because it was impossible to walk alone with one leg. However, an animal advocate took care of her by taking care of her and providing her with what she needed. Wrist receive your prosthesis and although it will not be as before, you can have a decent life.
  • Turbo roo. This little Chihuahua was born without his two front legs, which is why he was abandoned. A center took care of their care and they got a prosthesis for their paws that helps them walk, run and even jump.
  • Rexie. A kitten who suffered an accident that left her paralyzed from the hind legs. But he was able to return to a normal life thanks to the effort of his owner to find a suitable prosthesis for her. Rexie today is a kitten can even run thanks to her prosthesis.

These are just some examples of animals that had a second chance. Their lives took a 180 degree turn, but they knew how to get ahead thanks to their desire to live, the help of those who love them and their spirit of self-denial. It is not necessary to say what valuable lessons we can draw from this.

We are happy to tell stories that, although they start sadly, end with a happy ending. Because happiness does not depend on what you have or how you are, but on how you take advantage of your circumstances to be as happy as possible.

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