How to prevent my dog ​​from feeling lonely

Loneliness in the pet

We understand. Leaving our best friend alone at home can be a terrifying experience, not only for him, but for us too. That is why we bring you a series of tips to facilitate the separation of both, and avoid disasters in your home when you arrive.

Loneliness in the pet

Animals, just like humans, can feel alone if they spend a certain time without the company of someone else. It is a very common problem that arises thanks to the modern life that humans have today.

Definitely, our dog will not like the idea of ​​spending several hours of the day in complete solitude, situation that will lead to a depressive picture to not be able to share with us. But do not despair, for this situation you find solutions in very simple and creative ways.

But to be sure, we must be attentive to the signals that our mascot gives us about their mental health. Like humans, when they feel alone they like to draw attention when you arrive to say that there is a problem at home and that you need your most attention.

You should not be angry if the dog urinates on arrival or shows you the disorder in which it has turned your home; It is a way to get your attention and control it is very easy to achieve.

The anxiety for loneliness

Before talking about advice, we must recognize the symptoms that our partner may present. Anxiety in dogs comes in multiple forms who identify easily.

One of the main symptoms of this disease is constant barking or howling at the time of leaving. The animal you will feel very aggressive or nervous and, in a few words, it will tell you not to leave home.

Other behaviors such as lick objects such as furniture, lack of appetite and paralysis or demonstration of fear On the other hand, they are clear signs of this malaise. Undoubtedly, your dog loves you in great quantity, but this is not why you have to bow down to the situation and we must solve it in the best possible way.

But keep in mind that if the behaviors keep repeating, the best is consult with the veterinarian to guide you in the welfare of the pet.

Tips to leave your dog alone

  • One of the most recurrent techniques to prevent the dog from feeling alone is to leave a toy or two, Which is very good! The problem is that sooner or later you will end up bored with this toy, so the best application of this idea is vary the object every day.
  • Feed him before leaving is also a very good idea; The pet will have its belly full all day and will feel satisfied. If you think that this is insufficient for your dog, you can hide some snacks and prizes for the house to entertain and satisfy your anxiety.
  • A good walk before leaving: our dogs will love this, especially if it is one of those long walks where you exercise and play with the ball or the frisbee. In doing so, We are draining the energy of our pet.
  • If you do not like to leave it alone, well It's time to think of another pet for your home; Your dog will love the idea and will have someone to play with during your period of absence. Since dogs are sociable animals, having a partner with him will reassure him and he will feel more comfortable.

What you should not do when leaving it alone

  • Do not leave it locked; Being in a room alone and prevented from freedom is very harmful to your mental health. This action will be understood as a punishment for bad behavior and we are looking to prevent him from feeling bad.
  • Avoid pampering it excessively; this will only reinforce that it becomes dependent on you and makes the separation of both more problematic. Teach him to be independent by himself and that may be without you for a good time.
  • Avoid the drama between the two; we understand that they are part of the family but you are pampering too much, as we said. It is best to treat him affectionately without being distant or very generous with him. For example, when you arrive you can greet him but not overwhelm him with affection.

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