Jämthund or Swedish Elkhound, the faithful hunter related to the wolf


The Jämhundt or Swedish Elkhound is a Large dog of ancient descent. Very linked to the wolf both in appearance and character, its breeding was used for hunting, although it is also an excellent companion dog.

Origin of Jämhundt

According to the classification of the International Cynological Federation, Jämhundt belongs to group 5 subsection 2. That is to say, it is a Nordic dog whose breeding was destined to big game.

He was recognized as a breed in 1946, although we know he is a very old dog, related to the Norwegian moose hunter, and similar in appearance to the wolf. It receives its name from the region of Jämtland, in the center of Sweden, where the locals affirm that this type of dogs have been bred from always.

Physical appearance of Jämhundt

Although the breed was recognized in 1946, the current standard was approved in 2013. According to this standard,the race must be characterized as being large, cutdefined, strong and with a solid constitution, but agile and impressive appearance.

The body should not give the impression of being too long, or too heavy, but of being well proportioned and giving the sensation of great height. The height to the cross in males must be between 57 and 61 centimeters, while in females it must be between 52 and 60 centimeters, so there is marked sexual dimorphism.

The height to the cross in males must be between 57 and 61 centimeters, while in females it must be between 52 and 60 centimeters

The mantle consists of a double coat: the outer layer is of a fairly tight hair, although not stretched, while the inner layer is short, with soft and clear cream-colored hairs.

The hair is short on the head and the front part of the limbs, while on the back, the neck, chest and tail is longer. Usually light or dark gray, with some light gray or cream spots on the sides of the muzzle, chest or extremities.

Character of the Jämhundt

Although he is affectionate and calm with the family, the Swedish Elkhound can be a bit dominant with other dogs and has a strong hunting instinct. Also, it is a calm dog and difficult to alter, so it is a stable companion in the field and at home.

It is very easy to train while you are young, since you love to please your owner. In addition, early socialization is recommended to avoid problems of territoriality and dominance in adulthood.

Care and health of Jämhundt

Regular brushing is necessary to maintain the dense layer of mats and avoid knots. It is not recommended to bathe too often, as it can dry the weather resistant layer.

It should be noted that, thanks to the above, It is a dog of great strength and endurance, especially in the face of low temperatures. For this reason, it is recommended especially for areas of continental or high mountain climate.

Like most large dogs you need a balanced diet and regular physical exercise; as well as regular visits to the veterinary practice to prevent and avoid problems such as hip dysplasia, very common in dogs of considerable size, or more serious problems such as Stomach torsion

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