How to regain confidence after suffering animal abuse

How to regain confidence after suffering animal abuse

Many times we want to help a stray or abandoned dog and we realize that it reacts in a different way to what we expect: it wants to bite, bark, tremble or go out in terror. Why? Probably because he has been mistreated in the past and he is afraid. It is essential to know how to treat it so you can regain confidence. The trauma that has been left for the animal abuse suffered is great, but little by little it will disappear.

Animal abuse: not only physical

Before talking about how to act before a dog that has suffered animal abuse, it is necessary to understand what has happened to it. Dogs, like people, can have profound consequences in their behavior and relate to others because of the traumas they have suffered in the past.

It is necessary to take it to a veterinarian to help us clarify what has happened and how to treat it. The specialist will also tell us if the case is physical or emotional animal abuse (or both).

The first requires a thorough clinical examination to detect early if you have any type of external or internal injury. The soft tissues, organs or bone system may have been affected by the blows, as well as their neurological and muscular systems.

Emotional abuse can not be determined by a medical study, but by observing their behavior and reactions. The abandonment, lack of affection, malnutrition, unhealed wounds, illnesses, not having vaccines, having gone through many pregnancies … all this may mean that the dog has not been attended to properly.

In these cases, it also requires medical treatment that includes a balanced diet, wound healing, vaccination and sterilization.

What to do in the face of animal abuse?

If the dog is in a house where they mistreat it, it is necessary to inform the competent authorities to analyze the situation and, if necessary, take the animal to a shelter. If we have found him on the street and we want to adopt him, maybe we should know that his recovery can take a long or short time depending on how big the abuse has been.

It is not possible to determine the time of medical or psychological treatment (with psychological we refer to the care we give to the hairy), since everything depends on the age, the damage, the character of the dog, etc.

As owners, rescuers or assistants, what we can not do under any point of view is to medicate without consulting, continue with the abuse, speak very strongly and assume that a plate of food and a bath is enough to heal.

Steps to recover a dog that has been mistreated

A physically or emotionally damaged animal will act strangely without wanting to. He will simply be defending what he supposes will happen to him based on his past experience. Compulsive behaviors will be habitual and it is necessary to understand, not reprimand or get angry. The keys to the recovery of a dog that has suffered animal abuse are:

1. Move slowly

Sudden changes in posture will make you nervous and you may want to attack. Rapid movements will remind you of the episodes of violence that you have suffered. Therefore it is better to walk slowly, approach slowly and wait for your reaction before continuing. If the dog observes that the contact is soft, he will feel more confident.

2. Use a soft tone

The voice is also essential to create a welcoming framework in which the hairy feels comfortable and confident. If you scream, it is the same as if you try to hit him in his canine understanding. Remember that a serious or high tone will be related to a dangerous situation.

3. Provide shelter

A cozy blanket, a plate of food, a little water, a hot bath, an indoor bed … are all things that the dog is not used to. It must be related to something good and protection. Try to set up a comfortable space to lie down and sleep. A good idea is to stay in a room separate from other animals. That way you will feel more confident.

4. Take it for a walk

The walks and games in the park are an excellent gift for a dog that has suffered animal abuse. Remember that in addition to the blows or cries this poor person has never received affection or displays of affection. The walks can help you a lot in the treatment.

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