How to choose the most suitable shampoo for my dog

How to choose the most suitable shampoo for my dog

When bathing your dog you should use a product according to your type of hair and skin. This way you will avoid irritations and you will be able to brush it easily. We tell you how to choose the most suitable shampoo to sanitize your hairy.

To each dog its shampoo

The first thing you should know is that, no matter how good your shampoo is, you should not use it with your dog. It will irritate your skin. The cause is that humans and dogs have different pH. That is why what is great for one is not for others.

Your hairy needs a specific product for dogs. But also, as each animal is a world, you must find the most appropriate shampoo, thinking about the length and type of hair and the characteristics of your skin.

The veterinarian is the best one to know how to advise you about the shampoo your pet needs and can give you additional tips on how to bathe correctly.

Like humans, dogs need different types of shampoo according to their skin and fur class. The veterinarian will know how to advise you on the most suitable products to use with your hairy at bath time.

Discover what is the most suitable shampoo for your hairy

The market of products for pets every day expands more and expands dizzyingly the offers that it offers us. Let's start from the base, then, that First of all we must use a good quality shampoo to avoid damaging the fur and especially the skin of the furry.

We can start, for example, with a generic product. Then, with the help of the vet, to find the most suitable shampoo for the peludín. For example:

  • The dogs of long hair They should use a detangling shampoo, which allows brushing without difficulty after the bath.
  • Animals with short hair, on the other hand, need a product that nourishes their coat, given the thickness of it.
  • The dark-haired ones can enhance the shine of their hair with shampoos containing aloe vera. This option may also be useful for dogs with itching.

Other varieties of shampoos for dogs that you can use

Other options that you can take into account when choosing the most suitable shampoo for your hairy are:

  • Anti-hair loss shampoo, for animals that lose a lot of hair.
  • Shampoo for dogs of white color, which prevent the mantle from turning yellow.
  • Oatmeal shampoo for dogs with dry and scaly skin, with dandruff or with mild allergies.

In addition, every so often you can bathe it with an antiparasitic shampoo, to help eliminate fleas and ticks.

Advice when bathing your four-legged friend

CWhen you bathe your dog, in addition to lathering it well, remember to rinse it carefully to remove all traces of shampoo. After the bath, so that your hair is very nice, do not forget to brush it.

And, if you want to get exquisite, in the inexhaustible world of the pet products market you will find detangling, rinse creams, conditioners and a large number of etceteras to continue embellishing your pet.

In the event that you are not the one who bathe your dog regularly and delegate that task to a dog groomer, be sure to give the precise indications about the shampoo that must be used so that your pet looks a shiny coat and your skin does not suffer any type of irritation.

Make sure your pet also likes his shampoo

After all these considerations, also consider the opinion of the hairy one. Maybe some shampoos have an unpleasant scent for him although they smell very good to you. Do not forget that we are different species, for that reason the tastes do not have to be the same.

To this you must add that the smell of dogs is very developed. That's why it will smell everything much more than you. And what for you is a subtle fragrance, for the hairy can become something excessive and over stinky.

So do not expose him to these unpleasant questions and observe how well your dog reacts to the shampoo you use, even if it is a product that comes with all the guarantees and laurels.

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