how much food a dog should eat a day.

How much food a dog should eat a day

One of the aspects that most worries pet caregivers is that they have an appropriate diet, since it goes beyond providing nutrients. It also has to do with the correct portions and how often they should be supplied, so we'll leave you with a bit of information abouthow much food a dog should eat a day.

The first thing you should keep in mind about the times you should feed a dog a day is that this it will depend on a variety of factors, such as the age of the animal, the weight, the breed, the size and the amount of exercise that the pet performs.

You should also be very careful to control the weight of your little friend, once you start in some regime, this way you will know if you are overfeeding or doing it in a poor way.

Feeding in puppies

The feeding in a puppy is very important for its growth and development. The weaning time varies greatly according to the opinion of different experts, which ranges between 4 and 8 weeks of life. During the period of lactation, the puppy will dedicate his day to sleep and in the moments when he is awake, to feed himself.

Once you have passed breastfeeding you can start giving your puppy soft food, it should be replaced gradually as the puppy gets used to it. From weaning to six months of life, you must feed six times a day. Try to provide specialized food for puppy, which has a specific nutritional source for this stage and that adult food does not have. When the six months have passed, you can feed it three or four times a day.

Feeding in adult dogs

Once your dog has reached the adult stage, you can reduce your rations, which should be 2 in the day. In addition to replacing puppy food, for adult dog food. However, you must be absolutely sure that your dog has completed its development and will not continue to grow. This can be a bit misleading, as dogs mature at different rates depending on their breed. They will also need more or less rations, depending on their race. For example, boxers have one of the longest childhoods among dogs and because they are very energetic, they need to be fed three times a day.

Equally, an important factor at this point is the type of food your pet consumes, so the best to know exactly how many times a day feed your dog, it is best to consult your veterinarian.

There is a myth that dogs should be fed according to their weight, but this is not entirely true, Although weight is a starting point, variables such as age or if the dog is overweight should be taken into account. The best thing you can do after consulting with the veterinarian is to take a weekly check and know the ideal weight of your dog according to the standard of your breed, so you will know if you should reduce portions or increase them.

Recommendations on how much food a dog should eat a day

  • Dogs must have a meal schedule and must be fully met. This is done to avoid diseases such as reflux or so that your dog does not develop disorders with food. So we suggest serving your food and lifting the dish after 15 minutes. In this way, the dog will learn that he will not be able to feed at any time and will adapt to the schedule.
  • The treats should be given in the least amount possible, and they should not be too big. This way you will avoid that your dog develops disorders in their schedules or end up rejecting the food that you provide.
  • Older dogs should feed 2 times a day, but you should replace their food with one for this age range, preferably a soft one.
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