Having a dog: why and why not?

Having a dog: why and why not?

Most people think of a pet when they think of a dog, but a dog is much more than that and there are infinite reasons to say yes to having a dog. Although there are exceptions in which some type of allergy of a family member can make us say no to a dog, in general terms, our answer is yes to having a dog.

A dog can bring us many things and teach us many others, demonstrating that they are more than pets. However, let's see several points of why say yes to having a dog and why not say.

Why say no to having a dog

  • If you get tired of things soon and you think about giving it up when you get tired of it, now that you have the opportunity, say no to having a dog.
  • If you're not going to let him in the house or do not plan on making him a booth for him to sleep Hot in winter or cool in summer, say no to having a dog. This is cruel, since the animal will notice the lack of affection and can easily contract diseases.
  • If it bothers you to see hairs everywhere and you will pay with the person in charge, say no to having a dog. No matter how short his coat is, he will always release hairs.
  • If they bother you to alter your routine, say no to having a dog. The dogs do not understand schedules, and a puppy will cry at 3 in the morning, and your dog will like to lick your mouth at 6.30 in the morning. If you're not going to take it with humor, you better not have a dog, nobody likes to feel annoying, not even an animal.
  • If you think a dog is a toy that you can buy for children to play in the summer and then you can "return" them, forget the idea of ​​saying yes to having a dog. Adopting a pet is a lifelong commitment, since he will not be with you for the rest of your life but will be willing to be with you for the rest of his life.
  • If you only like puppies, forget the idea of ​​having a dog. It will never stay like a puppy forever, it would be like wishing that a baby would stay like this forever and then abandon it because we no longer like it.

Why say yes to having a dog

Now we go to the part that we like to all those who are lovers of animals. The reasons why you say yes to a dog.

  • They keep us company, turn off our sadness and silence our loneliness. And is that since they enter our home become part of our family, they make us feel loved and loved and therefore, less alone.
  • Improve our health Studies have been done that show that the health of people who have a dog nearby is much better than that of those who do not.

  • Benefits for children. It improves your immune system, since a child living in a bubble will not be exposed to germs and bacteria and therefore, your system will not be prepared to deal with them. A dog, improves all that situation.
  • It forces us to be responsible and exercise. Having to take care of it, take it for a walk and run, makes us more active and energetic people.
  • Sympathetic memories Dogs do not stop doing pranks and things that make us laugh, which makes having a dog, as well as pleasant, fun.
  • Loyalty is another important point. And is that to know that someone is loyal to you, makes you feel special and dear, and who does not like that?
  • They teach us qualities. It is known that when we like something from someone, we imitate it even unconsciously. Dogs have wonderful virtues and qualities that make us better people.
  • And the last reason, I hope you agree with me, is one of the most important and is this: They deserve it. They deserve to have someone to take care of them, to love them, to pamper them, to protect them and give them everything they need in every way.
  • Because we love them and because they have proven to be better than many people, we say yes to having a dog!
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