Having a dog at home makes you happier

Having a dog at home makes you happier

I never knew how boring my house was when I brought Estrellita to my home. It was a dog mixed with Pekingese, golden color and round eyes. I adopted her as an animal protector, and although she was not a puppy, I did not care, I felt a special connection, that kind of connection that only people who have a dog can understand. And it is that a dog at home makes you happier.

It was not the prettiest, nor the quietest or the most playful, I just knew it. As soon as I saw her, I knew that she was the one who wanted me by my side. And I was not wrong! She changed my life and set the precedent so that I would not know how to live without a dog by my side.

The truth, I do not know why I went to that protector, because although I love animals, I never thought about having one. But the owners were clients of the place where I worked, they invited me to their house to a cafe and I did not return alone to my home. Now he had a companion, Estrellita. What changed my life? It made me happier. I'll explain.

A dog at home makes you happier

Discover why having a dog at home makes you much happier and fuller.

Welcome committee

The animals do not understand protocols or subtleties, every time I came through the door, Estrelita cried, jumped and shouted as if it had been centuries without seeing me, even if I only had five minutes left. This made me want to go back home, in fact sometimes I wanted to do it just to see her again. Who does not like to be admired and loved by others?

Honey without limits

At first it bothered me a little when my dog ​​followed me all the way, then I understood that he loved me so much that he could not separate from me. He followed me everywhere, he would sit with me on the couch leaning his head on the first place he found, he would follow me to the bathroom, to the kitchen, to the bed …


I will never forget his sad look and his anxiety to make me feel better when he saw me cry. Without a doubt, I can not describe it with another word that is not empathy, I could see how she felt my pain in her heart.

I wanted to see myself happy

Dogs are animals that seem to have been born to make others feel good. A dog will always go out of his way to make you laugh, to lift your spirits when you do not even know how low it has fallen. My dog ​​was always there to make me smile.

I no longer ate alone

I always had a partner at the table, although sometimes it seemed more annoying than anything else, the truth is that I loved having her there by my side.

Ma made me feel proud

She was so obedient that although she was not the most beautiful physically, she quickly gained the love of everyone for her beautiful personality and her knowledge of being, or rather, her knowing not to disturb. I remember one occasion, I left the house very early and the day got complicated, I arrived at night. He could not stop thinking about her and that he had not gone home to get her out.

When I arrived, he came with his traserito dragging because he was holding his pee not to do it at home. I would not have been angry, much less if I had done it, but she always went further and It made me feel like I could not have picked a better dog as a companion.

He taught me to enjoy the little things

For her, the most insignificant little thing made her feel happy. A fly, stepping on the sand on the beach, a butterfly, a worm or just looking at a small flower. It made me feel that I took so many things for granted, that maybe I had lived all my life wrong. Thanks for that.

It made me be a better person

Despite loving animals, I had never felt such sensitivity to them until I lived with one, with my beautiful friend. And it made me wake up feelings in me never found, not even known!

Having a dog at home makes you happier, you and the rest of your family. If you are thinking about adopting one, stop thinking and do it. You will never regret it. I did not do it, and despite the pain suffered after the death of my friend and companion, I never closed myself to give love to someone who needed it. But please, follow this advice: Do not buy, adopt.

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