Guidelines for adopting an adult dog

Guidelines for adopting an adult dog

When adopting a dog, those of us who are animal lovers, we always think about whether the option of adopting an abandoned one or coming from a kennel will be good although this is adult. It is obvious that this is a great idea, because giving a home full of peace and love to an abandoned animal is, without a doubt, an act of unbeatable kindness.

Now, adopting an adult dog can have its disadvantages compared to adopting a puppy. There are factors that you must take into account and that you will have to assume and analyze in your mind before adopting an adult dog. Let's see what these are.

What to keep in mind?

Author: Kristine Paulus

An adult dog, as a general rule, you can buy it in kennels or animal shelters. You must bear in mind that an adult dog of that type may be there because he has been mistreated or abandoned. How does that affect? When you take it home, you will have to acquire a lot of patience. The adult dog is not going to trust you at the first change How could it happen in the case of a puppy?

Although these dogs have a high power of adaptation, it will take you weeks to make them feel comfortable in their environment and that they do not tremble every time you call them. He does not know you, he only sees you as a human making him remember that one like you hurt him, whether physical or emotional.

Another issue to take into account when adopting an adult dog is that it already has teaching from its previous owner, or maybe it has been raised on the street and has none. Do not pretend to teach him everything you want from him as soon as he gets home. You will overwhelm him and you will not get much.

How to make him feel good?

First and foremost: treat it with a lot of love. Be patient if there are things you do wrong. Maybe if he grew up on the street, he peed around the house or he likes to spread the garbage. Do not scold him, wait until the animal feels adapted to teach him what you want.

Prepare a warm and cozy place for him, where he can feel safe. Put your feeder and your water near that place so that the animal does not feel lost without knowing where to go.

It is better that you do not receive visits at home for several days.Think that your face and those of your family will be new to him, the house will be new too, his bed, his food; Seeing more people will not be a positive thing. It is better to let a time pass in which the adult dog gets used to seeing you and start loving you before introducing more people.

If there are children in the house, it would be convenient to talk to them. Explain lovingly the situation of the animal, and make them understand that it is not convenient to overwhelm the puppy and that although they can play with him, now is not the time, it is better to wait a few days until we all know each other. Surely they will understand!

When you take it out for a walk, the animal may feel frightened by the presence of people or other unknown dogs. Because, Do not take it off without a strap. Acquire a short strap that is not extensible so you can have full control of the animal, at least the first days.

You probably want to run and a short strap will be the best to prevent that from happening. Of course, if you are a reader of our blog, you will know that we do not agree with that type of webbing, so we do not want you to believe that we are promoting them. But sometimes this type, in addition to when dogs are large, are perfect for controlling the animal.

Although it may seem nice and tender to have a puppy that you can raise according to your needs, helping one of these animals, an adult dog, can be a fantastic idea and act of kindness.

Normally, the adult dog that has lived in the street or that has been mistreated will be very grateful and it will not cost to teach him. You just have to be patient and treat it with a lot of love. As always, we say: love, affection and perseverance.

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