German cat with long hair

German cat with long hair

There was a time when it was the custom to call 'cats Persian' all those cats that had a longer and abundant hair than usual. However, each of these have a name and are part of a race approved by official cat clubs. This is the case of German cat with long hair, a really majestic animal what do we want to present to you?

All about the long-haired German cat

Origin and history

As its name suggests, this breed emerged in Germany. The breed standard was proposed and drafted in 1929, but it was not until 2008 when it was internationally recognized. However, it was a provisional standard that would not be effective and official until 2012 and began its vigor in 2013.

That is why this race seems to be one of the most had to wait to be recognized. The first time it was presented in Germany was in the year 1930, and there were many who showed their sympathy and liking for this race.

Not being officially recognized, many, especially people with resources, decided not to have one because they did not live up to their social position.

During the Second World War it was about to disappear, but thanks to some breeders who love the breed, we were able to preserve this beautiful animal that we can enjoy today.


The most characteristic, without a doubt, is their hair. East It is long, leafy and very soft, which gives it an 'achuchable' air that few can resist. Its size is medium and its weight ranges between three and six kilograms.

Its body is rectangular and its round head, almost a perfect circumference. It has a strong jaw and a broad nose of medium length. His ears are erect, very wide at the base and rounded at the tip, something that differs with many other breeds that as a rule have sharp points.

His eyes can be both oval and round and his color always harmonizes with the tone of his coat. This is accepted when it presents any tonality, except for cinnamon, lilac, chestnut or chocolate.

Temperament and character of the long-haired German cat

It is a cat very calm and sociable. Unlike others that are highly independent, this breed will need your pampering all the time and will look for you at every moment to socialize with you. It is ideal to be with children, because he loves to play and be accompanied.

In addition, because of its sociable nature it also adapts very well to live with other pets or farm animals. He does not care if the place where he lives is a big house or a small apartment, because he is satisfied with being in family. It is presented as a balanced cat that rarely gets stressed and likes to live quietly.

Special cares

As special care we can highlight your hair. Although the cats clean themselves and lick their hair, this one will need brushed daily to remove dead debris and make it look shiny and silky. This will be especially necessary in the molt season, when the hair weakens and a lot falls off.

It seems that there have been some specimens that have presented degenerative problems such as deafness, but this has happened in isolated cases that were born albinos.

As you can see, marking stereotypes by calling races by names that do not correspond is easy. However, This cat that has long been known colloquially as 'Persian cat', is not really such.

And what's more, their personalities differ a lot. We hope that you are now able to differentiate them and recognize when you see a German cat with long hair.

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