Famous dog breeds for snoring

Famous dog breeds for snoring

Snoring seems to be a common activity that we share with many species, and obviously dogs are not alien. While snoring is a normal activity, there are dog breeds that can make the house tremble with their snoring, and in fact they are widely known for this.

Here we bring you some Famous dog breeds for snoring.

Before continuing, there are many dog ​​sitters worried about the loud snoring that your dog emits so, before running out to the vet, we talk a little about this.

Snoring is sound caused by a series of vibrations that the respiratory system emits due to obstructions in the trachea., the nasal passages or the constitution of the respiratory tract.

Airway obstruction can occur for various reasons, for example,due to weakness in the throat, accumulated fat in the area, medication, posture in which the dog is sleeping, tissue in the mouth or throat, among many others.

However, in dogs too There is a genetic reason for snoring.

Dogs with large skulls and short snouts (or presenting the brachiocephalic syndrome), are characterized by having a short tube, with a soft palate and narrow trachea.

So, there is a kind of obstruction that will make them snore both asleep and awake. Keep in mind that, in case the obstruction is very severe and does not allow the proper transit of oxygen through the body of the animal, it will require surgery.

Now let's see some of the breeds in which snoring is normal:

The Boxer

Possibly, if you have a Boxer and you tend to sleep with it, you know that they can wake up the neighbors with their snoring.

Because they are short-nosed and love to sleep in the most extravagant positions possibleIn addition to having a large rib cage where they can accumulate a lot of air, the Boxers snore very loudly, even awake.

The Chow Chow

It is very common to see Chow Chow caregivers in forums worried about the snoring they emit. Although the Chow Chow's snout is not very short, it does have a soft and long palate, so the tissue tends to obstruct the trachea when they sleep.

The Bulldog

This robust friend, like the Boxer, suffers from branqueocephaly, so your snoring will be strong.

In the case of the Bulldogs, as in the Boston Terrier, the Pekingese or the Pug, it is better to take them to the vet to assess how severe the deformation is in their respiratory system. tend to suffer respiratory and cardiac diseases for this cause.

Shar Pei

In the case of the Shar Pei their snout makes them snore with incredible power when they are puppies, so many caregivers tend to think that they have acquired some respiratory disease. However, it is normal.

To the extent that the Shar Pei grows snoring becomes less strong and frequent, because its snout is lengthened a bit. While snoring will not stop completely, it will decrease considerably.


This giant does everything in huge proportions, including snoring. It may not seem like it, but in comparison with other dogs of giant size his snout is short, therefore, it will snore like a broken tractor, especially if it sleeps upside down.

Shih Tzu

Do not be fooled by its small size or its sweet appearance. When it comes to snoring, these little friends do it like a real beast. You must take care not to develop respiratory problems in the future, so it is wise to take it to the veterinarian to examine your tube.

In fact, if we review it in depth, any dog ​​has the potential to be a great snorer.

In general, watch the posture in which they sleep. If you notice that you remain agitated even when you are at rest, if you nod for no apparent reason or see liquid dripping down your nose, it is best to it is evaluated by a veterinarian.

Image courtesy of Valerie.

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