Erectile dysfunction in dogs

Erectile dysfunction in dogs

The dogs have many diseases and sufferings in common with humans. One of these pathologies is erectile dysfunction in dogs.

Animal reproduction experts explain that erectile dysfunction is not a problem unique to men. Dogs can also have problems achieving and maintaining an erection. In these cases, the most important thing is to determine the cause that is causing this inconvenience.

Erectile dysfunction in dogs is a reality, although it occurs in a lesser proportion than in the case of men. It is one of the many ailments and diseases that dogs have in common with humans.

Generally, the owners of the dogs discover the problems of erectile dysfunction when they want to cross them so that they reproduce themselves. When this problem arises, it is essential to take the dog to a veterinarian.

The specialist must, first of all, determine the cause or causes that are generating this problem, and on that basis may prescribe the most appropriate treatment to the animal.

Erectile dysfunction in dogs can develop as a consequence of other underlying problems. The most common causes are: hormonal imbalance, behavioral problems, vascular problems, poor sexual stimulation, fear of experiences that have been painful, abnormalities or deformations in the reproductive system, etc.

Viagra is one of the best known drugs for the treatment of erectile dysfunction in men. Surprisingly, It is also prescribed for dogs, even long before being used for male dysfunction. However, and despite what can be believed, in the case of dogs it is not used for this purpose.

Viagra in the case of dogs we have used it for many years for the treatment of pulmonary hypertension. This product is characterized by being a vasodilator, which is why it increases and improves blood flow; manages to significantly improve the quality of life of the animal.

You have to remember that The use of Viagra as a treatment for erectile dysfunction in dogs is not so common. The main reason for this is that its effectiveness in this field is not proven.

The important thing is that the veterinarian determines the reason or reasons that are generating the problem of dysfunction in the animal, and based on it establish the most appropriate treatment to your medical history.

In addition to the causes previously mentioned, Nutrition can also be an important factor in the sexual performance of dogs. In fact, it is shown that poor nutrition can lead to problems such as loss of libido, decreased sperm and testicular atrophy, among others.

On the other hand, The dog may also have trouble mating if it is fed too much. This is due to overweight, which results in difficulties at the time of crossing, as well as can also affect the hind limbs and generate problems in thermoregulation.

Generally, these effects are usually present when the food protein is less than 2%. Similarly, a deficit of vitamin A can translate into different atrophies; The consequence will be a decrease in the quality and control of the semen produced by the can.

Dogs have a sexual behavior regulated by hormones, but the environmental aspect is also an important part of the whole mating process. This process is composed of: identification, search, courting and finally copulation.

Although there is a genetic and hormonal determination, the auditory, olfactory, visual and tactile stimuli are essential for the good performance of the animal.

In addition to the possibility of acquiring some commercial solutions, such as Viagra, they can also be made homemade. With it orwe will have a 100% natural product, made with aphrodisiac ingredients, good for health.

It is necessary to remember, when making any culinary preparation for dogs, that they can not eat the same as us. That is, some ingredients or foods, normal in our diet, can be very harmful to our pet.

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