Dogs of group 2: classification of races according to the FCI

Dogs of group 2: classification of races according to the FCI

The International Cynological Federation is responsible for determining the standards of each breed of dog and classifies them according to their characteristics. In this article we will tell you which are the dogs of group 2 that include the Pinscher and Schnauzer, the Molossians and the mountain and Swiss Boyeros.

Group 2 dogs: Pinscher and Schnauzer

So that, in this division of the dogs of group 2 we can find 5 breeds of Pinscher and 3 types of Schnauzer:

1. Doberman

He is the most "famous" of the Pinschers and his origin is German. It was created in the late nineteenth century and is considered dangerous. In addition, the Doberman has a square body, elongated snout, dark eyes, high ears and short, dense hair that is close to the body, mostly black or brown and fire. He can also reach 35 kg of weight in adulthood and is a great night watchman.

2. Miniature Pinscher

It is the miniature version of the German Pinscher, quite popular in his country. It does not exceed 30 cm in height and 6 kg in weight. Another one that also presents short and smooth black or brown hair. It is a highly energetic dog with a great guarding instinct despite its size. He will not be afraid of other dogs bigger than him.

3. Schnauzer

It is also of German origin (more precisely from Wurtemberg) but a little older than the previous ones, since the first specimens date from the 15th century. One of its main features is that it has a very thick beard and mustache. In addition, the Schnauzer is a very affectionate and friendly dog, he likes to be surrounded by his family and he becomes very protective with the children. You can always be alert and vigilant.

Dogs of group 2: Molosoides

The "molosso" dogs have as main characteristic their muscular body. In addition, they have a short head and snout and are very good guardians. Other words to define this group are Mastiff and Dogo. Of the 40 breeds of dogs in this division (which in turn are separated between bulldogs, mountain and small size) we highlight:

1. Bulldog

It is native to the United Kingdom in the seventeenth century. With thick shoulders, large head, body with folds or wrinkles and hanging lips, the Bulldog can weigh up to 22 kg. As for the coat, it can be of different colors, such as white, beige, tabby or striped. It is vulnerable to heat shocks and usually have respiratory problems due to the type of snout.

2. San Bernardo

It is one of the most characteristic Molossians. It emerged in the Swiss Alps at almost 2,500 meters above sea level. Also it takes that name by the Mountain that saw it to be born. It is a quiet dog, gets along very well with children and is used to assist travelers and rescue tasks. It is large, strong and "good-natured".

3. Boston Terrier

Of North American origin, it is a perfect animal for a house. Of cheerful character, short hair easy to maintain and small size, it is ideal for flats in the city. It has flattened snout, erect ears, short tail and mantle of black and white color or tabby.

Group 2 dogs: Mountain and Swiss Boyeros

This section includes 6 races, among which are:

1. Bernese Mountain Dog

Originally from Switzerland, it can weigh up to 51 kg (males). His "official" job is to herd the cattle and protect the farms. It is very intelligent, and therefore it is also used as a rescue dog. Likewise, it is large, affectionate and with a black mantle with a white belly and brown spots on the face and legs.

2. Great Swiss Boyero

A coterráneo of the previous one who was born in the area of ​​the Alps. It is large (it can weigh up to 70 kg) and both the mantle, the tail, the legs and the ears are black. Also the rest of the body can be white or brown. In addition, it is a very active dog and needs a good dose of physical activity and training to have it as a pet.

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