Dog racing is prohibited

Dog racing is prohibited

2016 closes with a positive balance for animals in Argentina. To the reconversion of the zoo of the city of Buenos Aires in an eco-park, and to the possibility of the pets traveling in the subway, is now added the prohibition of dog racing throughout the territory.

A norm that awakens adhesions and rejections

The Chamber of Deputies converted into law the initiative that punishes with penalties of up to 4 years in prison and fines of up to 80 thousand pesos (around 4900 euros) to those who carry out, promote or organize dog races of any race.

The debate of the norm was followed in the doors of the Congress of the Nation by groups in favor and against the proposal.

For the whole day, the protectionist organizations and the sectors that defend the greyhound races demonstrated in front of the Argentine Legislative Palace. At times, there were clashes between members of different sectors.

Finally, the law was approved with 132 votes in favor, 17 against and 32 abstentions.

With the prohibition of dog racing, animals close a good year in terms of obtaining rights in Argentina. This achievement is in addition to the conversion of a zoo into an eco-park and to which pets can already travel by metro.

Prohibition of dog racing, one more step in favor of animal rights

The truth is that 2016 will be remembered in Argentina as the year in which most people were affected their quality of life because of the economic measures of the government headed by Mauricio Macri. And also in which the animals began to gain more rights.

So between rates, unemployment, debt and inflation through the roof, One of the few reasons to be glad of some Argentines was that the dogs will stop being exploited in the racing business.

However, now The arduous task of enforcing the law begins. And, above all, to monitor more than ever that this type of activity is not carried out clandestinely.

A lucrative activity for men and that harms the dogs

Among the arguments put forward by the deputies to approve the law, it was pointed out that dog racing is an illegal gambling business in which the priorities are profits.

Is that in this lucrative activity awards were distributed as:

  • 2 room apartments on the Atlantic coast
  • Cars
  • Motorcycles
  • 150 thousand pesos (around 9100 euros)

But nevertheless, for the animalists, the issue goes through the mistreatment suffered by dogs, mostly greyhounds.

The sad life of dogs used in racing

Activists have been denouncing for years the hardships suffered by the dogs used in racing:

  • Supply of different drugs to improve performance. Substances such as ephedrine, arsenic, strychnine and, in some cases, cocaine are used.
  • Search for forced mounts so that the females, instead of the two normal yearlings, have up to three.
  • Anabolic use so they develop more muscle and have more energy to run.

All these practices damage the heart and kidneys of the hairy. Because, the average "useful" life of the animals used in this activity does not exceed 5 years.

A situation that must change urgently

Author: Dogs believe too much in men

When dogs no longer give enough in races, they are usually sold to be used in hunting. And there begins another ordeal for the hairy. Or, in many cases, they are sacrificed or abandoned. The same goes for puppies that are not supposed to run.

It is to be expected then that from the sanction of this law, the terrible situation of the dogs exploited in this activity begins to change sooner rather than later.

Meanwhile, the animalists continue their task of rescue and promotion of the adoption of these dogs.

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