Dog breeds from Germany

Dog breeds from Germany

The Bavarian lands are one of the most prolific in relation to the creation and breeding of canines. Germany's dog breeds are close to 40, and many of them have been taken to different parts of the world, where they are quite popular. In this article we tell you what they are.

What are the dogs of Germany?

Since there are many canines that have emerged in this country, we will tell you which are the best known internationally:

1. Boxer

It is a race created for work, but is currently chosen for company. The Boxer is of the moloso type, of medium size and that does not bark too much. It has a strong jaw, flat snout of black color, long and pointed ears, short shiny hair (fawn, brown or white background). As for the temperament, it is active, faithful, vigilant, dominant and somewhat territorial.

2. Weimar Braco

Also called "Weimaraner", it is a breed of German dogs of the collector type with short but thick fur that protects it from moisture. It is easy to train, is used as a guardian and its name is due to the Duke of Saxony-Weimar-Eisenach.

One of its main characteristics is the color of its eyes, which changes over time: when they are born they are blue, then turquoise and finally amber. Weimaraner has large ears, long truffle and mantle of different shades of gray: mouse, silver and deer.

3. Doberman

It is one of the most "new" races, since it emerged at the end of the 19th century. The goal of the Doberman was to help tax collectors before the debtors and possible assailants (due to their aggressive aspect). The father of these dogs was of this profession and worked in the area of ​​Thuringia (in the center of the country). This animal is of square body, muscular, short tail and pointed ears. The coat is hard and smooth, mainly black or brown.

4. Dachshund

The popular "sausage" is another of Germany's most famous dogs. Its particular physiognomy of short legs and elongated body is due to a mutation called Bassetismo, which also affects the Basset Hound, for example. Other physical characteristics of the Dachshund are the long snout, the long tail and the large ears. You may have short, long or hard hair. It is an affectionate, playful, sociable animal that suffers a lot from loneliness.

5. Great Dane

Also known as German Doge, it is the largest dog that exists (That's why it's called "Apollo"). His gait and movements are usually clumsy, he is very affectionate, friendly and somewhat shy. It requires a lot of care, for example, to avoid gastric torsion and, in addition, to feed it. You can have the mantle of five colors: fawn, harlequin, brindle, black and blue.

6. German Shepherd

Also called German Shepherd, it is one of the most famous herding breeds in the world. Its origin goes back to the year 1899 and its objective was to take care of flocks of sheep. Due to his intelligence, strength and obedience, he subsequently became one of those chosen for police or rescue dog. He usually has hip dysplasia and needs a lot of exercise.

7. German Pinscher

Medium size, strong musculature, thin head, long snout and medium ears (slightly bent), The German Pinscher is an active dog, vigilant, attentive and suspicious of strangers. Its dominant character makes it immediately the leader of the pack when there are other pets at home. He has short, straight hair and needs a lot of daily exercise.

8. Rottweiler

It is of the Molossian type and had its origins in the Roman Empire, although later the race was changing its appearance due to its uses: grazing cattle and even as traction of cars before the arrival of the railway. Large in size, the Rottweiler is sturdy, with long limbs, a large head and a black and brown mantle. As for his temperament, he is of good character, quiet, obedient, docile and devoted.

9. Schnauzer

Another dog breed in Germany with a long history. In this case it arose in the fifteenth century in Wurtemberg and its name derives from the word "mustache", because it has more hair on the snout than other dogs. They serve to chase and hunt, since they have a very developed sense of smell. It is a very affectionate and friendly dog ​​that adapts to family life without problems.

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