Does your cat sleep too much?

Does your cat sleep too much?

Sometimes it can seem that our cat sleeps too much, because it is as if he spent all day sleeping. How much does a cat have to sleep? Why do they sleep so much? We will analyze these and other questions about sleep and rest of cats.

How much does a cat need to sleep?

It will depend on the age, Well, you know that babies sleep more than adults. Even so, an adult can spend 16 hours a day sleeping, so imagine how much a baby kitten will sleep!

It is estimated that a baby could sleep more than 90% of the day, between 20 and 22 hours; he will only wake up to eat and drink. However, this condition will not last long, because after four weeks this percentage will be reduced to 60%, which leaves him at the height of an adult cat.

This habit of sleeping so much comes from their wild ancestors. The felines have a great skill when it comes to hunting, so for them it was an easy task to get the food to survive, which left them a lot of free time, time they invested in rest.

The cat's sleep also depends greatly on the environment that surrounds it, because you already know that the cat's curiosity is something innate in them, and if they have things to look around they will sleep less than if they are alone.

Likewise, the heat could lead a cat to sleep too much. However, even taking into account all these factors, you already know that cats spend most of the day sleeping.

Does my cat sleep too much?

Maybe even knowing all the above, keep believing that your cat sleeps too much. You could start timing how much time you spend sleeping, as well as if your behavior has changed. We say this because, if a cat sleeps more than what is established according to their age, it could be the cause of several factors:

  • Disease. When a cat is sick, as it is with all living beings, his spirit and energy are low, which adds him to a lethargy that plunges him into a deep sleep.
  • Pain. Although in many cases the pain could cause insomnia, in others it would be the opposite, to give rise to drowsiness. This will make the time pass faster and will also have a calming effect on the animal.
  • Depression. A depressed animal may not want to do anything and spend all its time sleeping in order to escape from the world around it.
  • Stress. You already know that cats are prone to stress when they undergo routine changes, such as a move, the arrival of a new member in the family or a new pet. Also, if you just adopted your cat, you may be stressed until you get used to your new home. Give it some time and, if you see that once it has gone on you are still sleeping too much, do not hesitate to go to the vet.

With any of these symptoms it is normal for a cat to sleep too much. But these situations should not last more than two or three days. In case of persisting, the best thing is that you go to the veterinary clinic, so that the doctor can determine the real causes, the root of the problem and, consequently, act with a treatment.

You already know that each pet has its peculiarity, and sleeping too much is one of the cats. Do not worry if there is no apparent cause to worry about; Let your cat have its normal sleep cycles. But as we always tell you, having a pet is a responsibility.

The responsibility to take care of it includes observe their behavior at all times, because this will give us indications of if something is not going well, before which we will have to act quickly.

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